Top 10 Family Bucket List Travel Ideas

Family holidays are one of the most fond memories everyone has. Family vacations offer an opportunity to bond, understand the world and get away from the stress of busy lives. A vacation destination you choose ought to have something that all family members can enjoy. If you’re looking for a relaxing break or something a bit more adventurous then go through these some of the highly incredible and most sough-after family bucket list travel ideas:

Must-Know Bucket List for Family Travel:

1. Dubai

Unlike any other place on the planet, Dubai, it is a truly global city, where people from all over the world meet. It is the capital of the Dubai Emirates, one of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The largest city of the United Arab Emirates, with its bold architecture and audacious style, is a distinct fusion of its Bedouin heritage and an ultra-modern style of its own. Dubai doesn’t only live up to its reputation; it will surpass the standards altogether. Experience the glitz and glamor of this multifaceted city and then discover the ancient rituals.

It is known for its groundbreaking projects such as its artificial offshore islands and soaring skyscrapers such as Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest man-made building. Go skiing at Ski Dubai and hang out with Penguins all year round. Swim at the Dubai Aquarium with the dolphins, watch the display of dance and water light at the Dubai Fountain, and go 4×4 dune bashing in the desert. Have your thrills at Aquaventure Waterpark ‘s biggest indoor theme park, IMG Worlds of Adventure, and splash about it.

The best time to visit Dubai is during winters as winters are much more comfortable with temps between 60 and 65 degrees. Summers are extremely hot in Dubai. Daytime temperatures are sometimes over 106 degrees while nights rarely fall below 88 degrees. All these reasons make Dubai one of the best family travel bucket list destinations that you shouldn’t miss at all.

2. Paris, France

France is the top tourist destination. It is one of Europe’s biggest countries, and home to the highest mountain, the Mont Blanc. The Louvre Museum in Paris is the museum with the most visits. Paris is on top of many travelers’ bucket lists when it comes to tourism in France, and for a good reason. The city of Paris, enthralled by its great heritage and fascinating culture, is immediately identifiable and easily memorable. It’s just difficult to resist the desire of a city that shines with such glamour and magnificence.

The town is packed with amazing history, architecture, art, beauty and unique food culture. Paris is perfect for families with the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame, Dordogne chateaux and caves or the breathtaking Côte d’Azur beaches. Wander through the museums, coffee shops, markets, and enjoy the city’s romance.

The best time to visit France is from April to June and September to November. It is one of the most versatile family bucket list travel destinations that you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Bali has to be there in your final family bucket list for travel. From its collection of endless picturesque beaches, engrossing spiritual power, rice fields terraced, and spectacular sunsets. This stunning island paradise offers so much to see and experience! Travel to Bali feels like an interminable adventure – there is an experience that fits every soul! Surfing, yoga, meditation, trekking, great food or an unforgettable nightlife experience. Tourism has affected many areas of Bali, with hubs of chic cafés, trendy bars and vegetarian restaurants. Many areas are still very isolated, retaining their special aesthetic beauty in Balinese. This tropical island is not only un-bali-evably awesome but is also affordable.

Despite being relatively small, one of the best things about Bali is that it has a little of everything. The yogis flock to zen Ubud, the Uluwatu beach is to dream, and the Canggu is for laid-back surfers to. The vacationers head over to  Gili T for their nightlife on the island and the newlyweds will be searching for dreamy Nusa Lembongan. In Seminyak the families can hang near the seaside and the bold will conquer Nusa Penida.

The best time to visit Bali is during Summers. You won’t have to worry about rain ruining any outdoor activities from May to October, and the humidity levels are low throughout the summer.

4. Tokyo, Japan

No matter what is your family’s age or size, no travel destination is as good as Japan. It is safe, clean, and full of unique activities. Without any doubt, it is added in the top 10 family travel bucket list ideas.

Tokyo is a paradise to itself, and for any travel enthusiast, it is an absolute must-see. Immerse yourself in ancient Japanese and learn about contemporary city life.  Not to mention the distinctive, diverse and tasty restaurant selection. Tokyo is the city where the past and future melt like none other. There are kid-friendly museums and public activities all over the area, many of which are cheap (or free) for kids. Japan’s transport network is unprecedented, and trains connect cities with the abundance of natural beauty in the country: gorgeous beaches, snow-capped peaks and lush, green valleys. Tokyo is among the world’s most captivating cities. It’s fast-paced, future-oriented, and exploding with unique and mysterious activities to keep you busy, including magnificent temples, palaces, and shrines; hip clubs and bars; and fashion-conscious people and shopping, not to mention cherry blossoms.

Immerse yourself in the ancient Asakusa district, Harajuku ‘s capital of Japanese kawaii culture, and Akihabara, the go-to place for electronics, anime, manga, and everything otaku. Explore the latest fashion trends in the world at Shibuya, then browse through Ginza ‘s high-brand department stores. Head to northern western Tokyo with hiking trips and beautiful evergreens in the fall to experience Japanese nature. Tokyo’s great food is another town attraction. There is so much delicious cuisine to enjoy from the fresh sushi at Toyosu Market, where the thrilling tuna auctions take place, to freshly-cooked tempura, and washoku, or traditional Japanese fare. At one of the many Japanese eateries try the udon, soba, ramen, or rice bowls for a fast dinner. Izakaya, or Japanese bars.

5. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is one of the most sought after family bucket list travel destinations, not with a cause, with its string of beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, the charming old town and a wide variety of things to do and places to visit. Phuket encapsulates beach-related pleasure in several respects. Beaches in Phuket have something for everyone from the vibrant to the more peaceful ones.

Often termed the Andaman’s Pearl, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. It is a popular spot for Southeast Asian visitors – and for good reason, too. It has been attracting people to its shores for decades with an impressive coastline featuring long stretches of sandy beach strung together by dramatic rock formations. Phuket City is the capital and the scenic and stylish Old Town can be found here. The island has abundant tourist and local night markets. True to its Thai-ness, this city is rich in culture and hosts many beautiful temples — from the spectacular Wat Chalong and the majestic Jui Tui Shrine to the famous Big Buddha on Nakkerd Hills, which is a must-see.

The peak season in Phuket, like the other islands in this part of Thailand, is from November to April.

6. Italy

Italy, Pasta & Pizza Country, Architecture & History, Jaw-dropping sceneries, world-famous cities & small rural towns, and mouth-watering gelato. That’s right – Italy has everything and this is why it’s one of Europe’s most-traveled attractions. Simply gorgeous Italy is an ideal choice for your most exhaustive family bucket list for travel. Wherever you’re traveling in Italy, this picturesque country offers the perfect mix of fine dining, kid-friendly food, world-class art artifacts, famous landmarks and old-world charm. Excellent food from Italy, stunning scenery, good wine and a long history make it a wonderful country to visit.

There are so many highlights in this wonderful nation — from the Venice canals to the Tuscan wine lands to Rome’s cobblestone streets to the River Arno running through Florence to the Positano cliffs. Explore Rome’s ancient city is the delight of a child. Visit the wonderful Colosseum, and stroll through the busy squares.

In winter is the best time of year to visit Italy. The cold weather keeps most travelers at bay from December to March, and to your heart’s content, you can explore the beautiful museums and galleries in the country.

7. Switzerland

This gorgeous, prosperous nation, boldly funky and unique, stands in the center of Europe. The country is home to shimmering lakes, picturesque mountains, tiny medieval walled cities, steep hills, endless green grass, exquisite chocolate,  beer and warm, welcoming people. Switzerland is surrounded by snow-covered mountains, alpine forests, woodlands, tranquil lakes and waterfalls.

Switzerland is a wonderful country to fly with kids thereby making it a vital part of any bucket list for family travel. There is just too much fun to do there. The lakes are a great place to be active during the summer and the mountains are great for hiking in. Naturally, this is all about snow in the winter!

Mixing up the old town in Bern with a family-friendly visit to see the famous Bern bears. Castles are, all over the place. Switzerland is bursting with castles. It’s a beautiful view to see them looming over hillsides during long drives. Wherever in Switzerland you look, you’ll be in awe of its beauty. It has tall snow-covered mountains no matter what season, crystal-clear lakes, charming little towns, and pine forests.

Switzerland attracts all sorts of visitors who are making their bucket list for family travel. May is prominent of all the months suitable for holidays in Switzerland and is popular for trekking and sightseeing.

8. Singapore

There’s one spot that stands as one of the top family travel bucket list destinations, it must be Singapore. This unique country is completely jam-packed with incredible family attractions, good food and is just such a pleasant place to visit while also getting the benefit of exploring different cultures.

While Singapore is a small nation, much still remains to be seen. Singapore has a remarkable number of must-see neighborhoods such as Little India, Bugis, Chinatown, Marina Bay, the Financial District, and Sentosa Island, just 31 miles wide and 17 miles long. From Universal Studios to the family-friendly Sentosa Island to the Bay’s futuristic gardens to a local menu at a hawker center, there are many things to do to keep the children occupied in this best family holiday destination.

Singapore is always there in the top 10 family travel bucket list ideas, you ‘re never going to run out of things to do here. But best to book your Singapore hotel in advance during peak seasons-January through February, June through July, and September through October.

9. Sri Lanka

Apparently this little island has it all, and is one of our favorite family vacation destinations. Here you can find beaches fringed with palms, gorgeous beaches and maritime villages laid back. There’s also Galle ‘s charming historic fort town, that’s a delight to wander around. Sri Lanka, away from the coast, offers elegant cityscapes and spectacular sceneries. This is also where you’ll discover Sigiriya ‘s incredible ancient rock fortress and the sacred Sri Pada Mountain (Adam’s Peak).

Sri Lanka is one of the best wildlife spots in Asia, with more than 100 national parks home to leopards, wild elephants, sloth bears and more. You can even spot blue whales off the South Coast of the island! Children can release baby turtles into the ocean or help bathe an orphaned elephant at the Pinnewala elephant orphanage for a more hands-on animal experience. Sri Lanka also offers trekking, canoeing, mountain biking and white-water rafting opportunities for active families. There are so many opportunities to visit beaches with pounding water in Sri Lanka. Endless white sand. Lush tropical forest and nebulous mountain cities. Sites and safari plains of ancient World Heritage where the Asian Elephants and Leopards roam in abundance. Enchanting train journeys through rolling tea groves and vibrant cultural heritage. The most friendly locals you could ever expect to encounter, plus delicious cuisine.

Sri Lanka is one of the most serene destinations to add in family bucket list travel ideas. There is no perfect time to visit because there is a “best time to visit” on each side of the island.

10. Kerala, India

South India’s Kerala, famously known as the “God’s own country”, is a major tourist attraction. It has been popular with tourists for the longest time; couples, families & backpackers alike-perhaps because it is the complete travel package. It is home to Ayurvedic retreats and yoga centers, to hill stations and tea plantations up in the Western Ghats (mountains), national parks, tigers and elephants, and beaches with palm fringes.

This scenic beauty is located on India’s tropical Malabar Coast. You can take a sail on a houseboat at Alleppey. These boats were initially used to carry rice and spices to and from the port and are now luxury liners available for hire. Kerala has six national parks and a variety of wildlife sanctuaries, enough to interest your family in wildlife safari and other wildlife activities in these parks and sanctuaries. Also, try out the Kodanand Elephant Training Center where children can have a memorable time feeding and bathing baby elephants. Kerala runs parallel to the Arab Sea and boasts a 600-kilometer long coastline. The Kerala beaches are largely ‘untouched’ and suitable for family holidays. Although one can bet a lot for those beautiful sunsets and sunrises by the beach, you and particularly your children can also enjoy a variety of beach activities and water sports such as beach volleyball, parasailing, and windsurfing. Besides beach activities, one can also enjoy a range of river and seashore boating experiences that kids would love to experience.

Kerala backwaters are renowned for their stunning boat rides and boat strolls. You can quickly book a boathouse to live with your family for a day which can be an entirely different experience. In Munnar and Idukki, Kerala has a variety of tea plantations where the entire family can select tea and enjoy the fresh flavors.

What’s next waiting for you?

We hope this travel guide was helpful in planning your final bucket list for family travel, but this is not all. There are various other places which are well known for family travel. You can travel to Greece and live in Santorini and Crete and then Ikaria Blue Zone Island. See the northern lights, walk to waterfalls and glaciers, observe wildlife and swim in Iceland’s thermal pools. Travel around Bali and witness all the exciting activities, relax on a beach, and discover Indonesia’s other areas. Take a trip to Norway, Sweden and Finland and shop in the Christmas markets.


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