Some Places Offer All the Ingredients for a Happy Summer Vacation and Fresh Air!

Everyone knows America is a beach hub with gigantic shorelines generously covering most of its states. Each makes a good option for different seasons, especially summer and fall. If you look at air quality, nearly 120 beach areas are part of 0-50 AQI, with only a few belonging to a score of 51-100. Lower scores show the specific beach city or town has cleaner air for kids to older adults. When you think of a beach break in summer, Texas can capture your attention with fresh air around the beaches. Also, its location on the Gulf of Mexico is another attractive feature. Sunbathers and beach aficionados seek this Lone Star State for various reasons than just one. Azure waters, teeming ecosystems, and serene sands elevate their craze more. 

You can check South Padre Island, Galveston, or others in Texas for water sports, idyllic backdrops, and much more. Galveston scored 44 and South Padre Island 57 per air quality index by Hence, pollution-free air is assured, allowing you to spend most of your time outdoors. Let’s factor in other aspects that favor the popularity of this beach destination among holidayers.

Family Friendly

The gentle Gulf waves, exotic wildlife, and flat beaches create a perfectly safe environment for families willing to spend their time on the soft sand. You will find lifeguards in many spots that enhance security for kids and others. Waters are usually shallow around the Gulf Coast. As a result, swimmers can take a dip in the beach waters without worries. While grownups can indulge in water sports, children enjoy opportunities like beach volleyball, kite flying, and sandcastle building. They can also look at the shoreline to discover aquatic life and shells. Overall, Texas beaches present a laid-back atmosphere, enabling everyone to rest and be at ease. Sometimes, beaches also host festivals and other unique setups to attract vacationers. And you get all this for an affordable price.

Relaxed Environment

This specific element deserves more attention. City dwellers especially seek such places to escape the cacophonies of modern life, and Texas beaches do full justice to this. While you come across luxurious homes, the beach towns and their people maintain simplicity. You love this down-to-earth attitude for its refreshing vibe. If you want to experience this, visit Port Aransas once. AQI is 29, making it a fresh-air location. Restaurants and businesses are simple, with residents being amiable and warm. You will taste the easy-going coastal lifestyle they lead when you are here. They wear shell jewelry and roam in jeeps while playing Jimmy Buffett. These comfortable visuals make you feel at home away from home.


You may have already discovered what beach towns have in store for visitors regarding activities. But you must also know that this Gulf state, unlike Florida, is much safer from shark bites. One fatality in Texas due to a shark attack is traceable to 1962. Till now only three such events have happened since 1900. And 20th century witnessed shark aggression only about 100 times across the Texas Gulf, ensuring you are safer here than anywhere else. Alligators can be spotted on some beaches, but they are innocuous if you don’t provoke them.

So, make your family holiday plans for Texas beaches this summer! It can be worth every dollar you spend here.

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