Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is recognized as a “Venice of the North” and if you want to know the reasons behind it then you need to visit this fabulous city at least once in a lifetime. No matter from what corner of the world you are traveling to Amsterdam, the city has enough to look after cravings of different types of tourists. The city features several extraordinary sightseeing destinations within a compact distance. So you need to plan your journey judiciously to cover maximum locations within short time. Refer to following Amsterdam travel guide that will make sure you enjoy your tour without any hassle:

  • Rijksmuseum:

Museums are one of the fantastic masterpieces that allow you to unravel the history of any country within a short time. Come to Rijksmuseum where you can witness several antiques and artifacts of the country that date back to old centuries. You can spot a grand library here that features a large number of manuscripts and books. In the collection, you can also discover medieval sculpture, conventional handicrafts, and unique art style. Opting for Amsterdam travel guide is an ideal option to know everything about this extraordinary museum in Netherlands.  

  • Begijnhof:

After a busy tour of Amsterdam, if you are looking for a tranquil destination where you can sit and relax then come to Begijnhof. Here you witness a series of historical buildings which is a rare sight to watch. In the vicinity, you can also consider visiting popular churches English Reformed Church and Catholic Houten Huys. It is one of the pristine gardens in Amsterdam where you can spend some peaceful time with your loved ones. You can consider visiting Begijnhof from 9 AM to 5 PM to get the best experience out of your time.

  • Vondelpark:

If you are traveling to Amsterdam for the second time then you would definitely want to visit Vondelpark on priority basis. The park attracts thousands of foreign tourists and native travelers every day making it a most sought after place in the city. In the vicinity, you can spot several famous cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy having some refreshments. The park also features open-air theatre and rose grade where you can spot more than 70 different species of roses. You can consider visiting this park at any time from 9 AM to 11 PM.

  • Red Light District:

If you are searching for a most vibrant destination in Amsterdam then come to Red Light District. Here you can spot several bars, cafes, and pubs where you can enjoy drinks while listening to your favorite music. The Dutch Drinks is one of the highly popular and most ordered drinks and people traveling to Amsterdam from abroad come here to taste it. In the locality, you can spot some very famous cafes such as Cafe Hill Straight Blues and The Old Sailor that will make your stay truly memorable.

  • Canal Belt:

Your Amsterdam tour is incomplete without visiting Canal Belt. It is one of the UNESCO heritage sites and you will find it listed in every Amsterdam travel guide. It is one of the most popular destinations in the entire Netherlands where you can enjoy a city tour via the canal. While cruising through the stable waters of canal you can discover several traveling jewels within Amsterdam which are difficult to find through any other transport medium.

The above mentioned Amsterdam travel guide features all key tourist attractions you will find in every Amsterdam travel package. No matter during which season of the year you are traveling to Amsterdam, the city has something or other to make your tour memorable. If you are planning to visit few more popular cities in Europe then don’t forget to check out our other travel guides.

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  1. Awesome post! Other top day trips include visits to the historic town of Haarlem near the North Sea, or others including Enkhuizen, Hoorn, and Kampen.

  2. Amsterdam is one of my favorite places, it’s such a gorgeous city! I really need to visit next year and see the tulips though, I just missed them this year.

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