Best Places to Visit in Chile

Chile is not just a tourist destination but it is place equal to heaven. It is home to some of the stunning landscapes and magnificent glaciers that you may have not seen in entire life. When you are in Chile, you will be surrounded by breathtaking mountains that gradually soaring up and get disappear into the clouds. If you want to get best out of Chile during your upcoming tour then here are few places you must cover during your itinerary:

  • Atacama Desert: It is recognized as one of the driest places on the earth. Here you can spot extremely challenging climate that persuades several adventure lovers to explore best out of this location. There is a lot to explore here including radio telescope and it is always recommended to hire a local tourist guide to get best out of your journey. It is also considered as an ideal destination to watch the sun setting down during late evening time.
  • Easter Island: It is one of the most pristine destinations you will come across in Chile which is considered as a heaven for photography lovers. Here you can spot volcanoes flowing and meeting the beaches thereby creating perfect scenery to capture in your camera. If you want to dig into the history of Chile then you can spend some time observing impressive statues here that dates back to old centuries.
  • Valparaiso: It is known for its extremely rich culture and diversity. It is an ideal destination for poets and artists as they get lot of inspiration to create best out of their imagination. Besides, here you can walk into the very popular collection of art galleries, take a glimpse of stunning architecture and also try local cuisine to satiate your cravings.
  • Wine Valley: If you haven’t explored wine valleys while been at Chile then you missed a lot during your tour. The vineyards of Chile are recognized for their diverse offerings and they are listed in some of the unique wine-producing countries in the world. Here you can spot several wine valleys waiting for tourists to take stroll through their facilities. It is highly recommended to visit Casablanca Valley, Colchaqua Valley and Maipo Valley as they will give you one of the best experiences of lifetime.
  • Lauca National Park: It is recognized as one of the most visited destinations of Chile that will give you an opportunity to experience some of the best flora and fauna of earth. Moreover, here you can spot amazing diversity in wildlife creatures that mainly include cougars, vizcachas, guanacos, alpacas and llamas. During your visit, don’t forget to check out few rare bird species such as Andean condor, Chilean flamingo and Andean goose.

If you are done exploring enough from the above mentioned places then you can also consider visiting San Pedro De Atacama, Santiago, Carretera Austral, Chile’s Lake District, Tierra del Fuego, Chiloe and much more. The beauty about Chile is that it will always keep you excited throughout your tour as there is uniqueness in every sightseeing location you visit during the tour.

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