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Chile is not just a tourist destination but it is a place equal to heaven. It is home to some of the stunning landscapes and magnificent glaciers that you may have not seen in entire life. When you are in Chile, you will be surrounded by breathtaking mountains that gradually soaring up and get disappear into the clouds. From top things to do in Santiago Chile to some of the amazing Chile tourist attractions, there is a lot to discover during your journey. If you want to get maximum out of Chile during your upcoming tour then here are best places to visit in Chile that you must cover during your itinerary:

  • Torres Del Paine National Park

Chile has become a popular spot among tourists because of this destination. It is one of the most important natural areas and in the last few years has increasingly become one of the popular tourist attractions in Chile. It has a very pristine location. Situated more than100 kilometers towards north of the city of Puerto Natale’s in southern Patagonia, this stunning and beautiful area encompasses the luscious mountains, glaciers, and countless lakes and rivers.

Hiking is one of the fun things to do in Chile Santiago. With its numerous well-known trails, the park offers overnight shelters with all the basics that are needed for longer treks that circle the mountains. If you’re an adventure junkie and are planning on anything more than a day’s hiking, professional guides are available for guidance and are recommended and, in some areas, mandatory.

One of the top guided tours of the park is the five-day strenuous Trek to one of the top hikes in Patagonia. This 71-kilometer route takes quite a while to finish and comprises of some of the top points of interest in Patagonia, including the massive frozen Glacier Grey and the mountains of Paine Grande

  •  The Chilean Lake District

Stretching for more than 330 kilometers from Temuco to Puerto Montt and having a surreal resembling the alpine regions of Europe, the Chilean Lake District (Zona Sur) is well worth exploring.  And the connection to Europe doesn’t end here. After the forced resettlement of the region’s indigenous people, the Mapuche, farmers from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany arrived, bringing with them aspects of their own culture that can still be seen in the architecture of towns like Osorno and Valdivia, as well as in the region’s customs and festivals.

For adventure seekers, a typical Chilean Lake District itinerary includes endless hiking and biking potential, along with other fun activities such as volcano climbing; white water rafting; kayaking; canoeing; horseback riding; and, come winter, skiing. Road trips to the region are also extremely popular. These are some of the best things to do in Chile that you must add in your itinerary.

  • Easter Island

It is one of the most pristine tourist attractions of Chile you will come across in Chile which is considered as a heaven for photography lovers. Here you can spot volcanoes flowing and meeting the beaches thereby creating perfect scenery to capture in your camera. If you want to dig into the history of Chile then you can spend some time observing impressive statues here that date back to old centuries. It is one of the most pristine destinations you will come across in Chile which is considered as a heaven for photography lovers. Here you can spot volcanoes flowing and meeting the beaches thereby creating perfect scenery to capture in your camera. If you want to dig into the history of Chile then you can spend some time observing impressive statues here that date back to old centuries. This island is far situated at a wide distance of 3500 km from the mainland city of Chile but still, it is still considered one of the finest Chile places to visit that you must add in your itinerary.

The main reason for it gaining so much traction over these years is it is known for having some of the remarkable stone sculptures that attract a huge number of public towards it every year. There is a strong rumor that runs at this one of the best places to visit in Chile. It is strongly believed that none of the statues that were called Moai were created by the island’s early named Rapa Nui.  Therefore, as of now most of them are popularly known and recognized as Rapa Nui National Park. Ahu Tongariki is one of the major tourist spots and tourist attractions for Chile. It is known for having one of the most impressive collections of statues in which 15 have been erected against the platform of the islands or ahu. Hare paenga is another major attraction of the place and some of the key Chile things to do can be experienced here.

  •  Valparaiso

It is the third-largest city of Chile which is located between the sea and the coastal mountain range. This is located at a distance of 112 km away from Santiago city towards the northwest direction.  One of the prime reasons for its popularity is an excellent location to go for a day trip from the main city of Santiago. It is famous for its old-style rustic convex streets and unique dome-style architecture. There are several lovely beaches that one can explore and harbors in the city where you can enjoy the entire day doing a lot of fun activities. There are many Chile tourist attractions as well like the Lord Cochrane’s Museums, Naval and Maritime Museum and many more such beautiful locations. So you can enjoy a fun-filled day trip to this city and see the major attractions of the place.

It is known for its extremely rich culture and diversity. It is an ideal destination for poets and artists as they get lot of inspiration to create best out of their imagination. Besides, here you can walk into the very popular collection of art galleries, take a glimpse of stunning architecture and also try local cuisine to satiate your cravings.

  • Lauca National Park

This National Park is geographically located in the north of the Chilean state. It is situated at a steep distance of 140 km away from the city of Africa and it covers an area of 1300 square km. Owing to a large number of mountain ranges and volcanoes in this place, it attracts annually a huge number of people towards it and this has become one of the famous tourist attractions. You can enjoy the splendid scenic beauty and the exotic view in front of you and indulge in hiking around the mountain lakes. One of the other specialties of this place is that there are several beautiful ancient archaeological sites as well in the luscious green parks that outline the sole existence or acts as an evidence of the emergence of the early European settlers.

It is recognized as one of the most visited places to see in Chile that will give you an opportunity to experience some of the best flora and fauna of the earth. Moreover, here you can spot amazing diversity in wildlife creatures that mainly include cougars, vizcachas, guanacos, alpacas and llamas. During your visit, don’t forget to check out a few rare bird species such as the Andean condor, Chilean flamingo and Andean goose.

  • The Humberston and Santa Laura Saltpetre Works

This is situated near the northern part of the city of Iquique in the remote Pampa desert. It is declared as a UNESCO world site heritage in 2005. One interesting fact about this place is that this beautiful and fascinating city once was a huge home to a bustling community. For more than  about60 years a lot of workers from places such as Bolivia, Chile and the Peruvian workers were always toiling as hostile in the Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works. During the hostile, the workers gathered together and formed a new culture that had very distinct features that differed from other groups and over the years is still preserved here.

  • Wine Valley

If you haven’t explored wine valleys while been at Chile then you missed a lot during your tour. The vineyards of Chile are recognized for their diverse offerings and they are listed in some of the unique wine-producing countries in the world. Here you can spot several wine valleys waiting for tourists to take a stroll through their facilities. It is highly recommended to visit Casablanca Valley, Colchagua Valley and Maipo Valley as they will give you one of the best experiences of a lifetime.

  • Atacama Desert

It is recognized as one of the driest and best places to visit in Chile. Here you can spot an extremely challenging climate that persuades several adventure lovers to explore best out of this location. There is a lot to explore here including radio telescope and it is always recommended to hire a local tour guide to get the best out of your journey. It is also considered as one of the ideal tourist attractions in Chile to watch the sun setting down during late evening time.

What’s next waiting for you?

If you are done exploring enough from the above-mentioned places to visit in Chile then you can also consider visiting San Pedro De Atacama, Santiago, Carretera Austral, Chile’s Lake District, Tierra del Fuego, Chiloe and much more. The beauty of Chile tourism is that it will always keep you excited throughout your tour as there is uniqueness in every sightseeing location you visit during the tour.

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