Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Colombia is such a unique tourist destination that you will end up getting lot of Instagram snaps once you are finished with your itinerary. Whether it is dense rainforests or popular range of mountains, this country will mesmerize you with its diverse offerings. Only after spending few hours of time here, you will come to realize that this country offers more than what you can search on internet. If you are planning a tour to Colombia in near term then here are some places you must add to your itinerary:

  • Tayrona National Park: It is one of the best sightseeing locations for nature lovers where you will love to discover several historical ruins. It is a destination where you can spot amazing ecosystem including cloud forests and swaps. The beaches here are extremely wonderful and you can spot several rare species of birds that follow amazing patterns when migrate in a group.
  • Zona Cafetera: Colombia is considered as a biggest producer of coffee beans as it features a large landscape of coffee plantation that became biggest tourism destination in recent time. You can taste different variety of coffee here while leaving in a lap of highly flourished farms. This place also offers opulence of accommodation where tourists can spend some quality time in the lap of nature.
  • Popayan: Situated in the southwestern region of Colombia, it is recognized as a highly spectacular colonial city in the USA. Here you can spot several buildings featuring only white color, no wonder it is referred as a White City. Here you can enjoy buzzing nightlife and also participate in occasional procession which is considered as a most happening event in the entire country.
  • Cartagena: It is referred as a key jewel of Colombia and ranked in one of the busiest ports in entire country. If you want to experience extremely fresh vibes of colonial city then simply stroll through its lively array to make your day wonderful. The vibrant colonial architecture is considered as a key highlight here along with spectacular church towers that offer this town a blissful ambiance.
  • Bogoto: It is bustling city in the Colombia which is known for its overwhelming and exciting nature. It is filled with lot of entertainment, culture and art that will surely make you feel like been at an extraordinary destination. There are several things that separate this place from rest of the world and you can experience it only after you give at least one visit to it.
  • Providencial Island: It is recognized as a UNESCO heritage site featuring marine biodiversity in a massive amount. The range of palm trees and golden sand offers this island a nice flavor of aroma. It is a blissful place where you will get extremely close to nature on the virtue of its isolated beaches and coral reefs.  Here you can spend some quality time enjoying wide range of water sports activities such as snorkeling and diving.

Now you have got a complete list of places to visit in Colombia why not make your tour memorable by doing some prior planning. Doing a proper preparation and taking advice from travel experts is always handy in long term.

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