Best Places to Visit in China

China tourism not only reminds you of those historical landmarks you see in movies but it is also about magnificent skyscrapers. While most of the people interested in exploring only historical sites in China others prefer to discover modern views of such a magnificent country. Here we have listed highly recommended places to see in China. The list is all-in-one and you can select places according to your own preference.

Key Highlights of China

  • The Great Wall of China: It is listed among one of the seven wonders of world and this is the key reason tourists gather at this location in such a huge number. It was constructed more than 5000 years ago and it is kind of architecture which is difficult to replicate in current situation. It is sort of a unique monument which you can even see from the space.
  • Huangguoshu Waterfall: It is considered as one of the tallest waterfall in entire Asia which is spread over an area of more than 100 meters. If you are a real fan of photography then you can consider capturing creative photographs of this waterfall from all possible angles. You can consider visiting this destination in the months of June, July and August when water level reaches a peak of 700 cubic meters.
  • Ningxia: Sand Lake: You can observe birds migrating in huge groups and also taking a stopover at this venue twice a year. Bird lovers get an opportunity to observe more than 200 different species such as Chinese merganser and black cranes. You can see reed mashes, water and desert getting merged into one area thereby creating an extraordinary geographic phenomenon which is an absolute treat to watch.
  • Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an: It is a unique museum that features grand collection of warriors & horses created at the time of Tang Dynasty. It was listed as a World heritage site during year 1987. You can explore four different categories of museum including chariot warriors, cavalrymen, infantrymen and horses.
  • Wolong Panda Reserve: Being a home to rare species of Panda, it is highly famous for its natural reserves for around 18 pandas. In year 2006, it is listed among UNESCO world heritage list. This site also features several other plants and animals because of its immense availability of water.
  • Temple of Heaven: It is one of the most religious and sacred destinations in China which was constructed more than six centuries ago. This temple is highly popular among photography lovers as they get lot of exposure to perform stunning photography at this unique site. Recently, it has been listed in word heritage sites of UNESCO making it famous all over the world.

China offers such a vast exposure for tourism that you will fall in love with this country even during your first visit. It is a destination that you can’t cover in rush and you definitely need decent amount of time to discover key highlights of this fantastic country. So go ahead and plan your journey to this country featuring wide range of magical destinations.

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