Best Places to Visit in Dublin

Being a capital city of Ireland, Dublin is recognized for its most popular tourist attractions in the world. It takes a lot to become an iconic city and Dublin fulfills all the criteria to become a travel hub in the country. Choosing a perfect ideal destination in Dublin, Ireland is definitely a challenging task. You definitely need to seek advice from experienced Dublin travel guide to plan your journey judiciously. If you are traveling to Dublin in coming time then check out best places to visit in Dublin that will make your easy:

  • Dublin Castle:

It is rated as one of the iconic landmarks in the city which is added in every Dublin travel vacation package. There are several reasons that make it a spectacular travel destination in the world which you can consider visiting in your day tour. If you love digging into the history of any country then it is worth visiting this castle. In the vicinity, you will come across Dubhlinn Tearooms, Medieval Undercroft and The State Apartments. It is recommended to visit Dublin Castle from 9:45 morning to 4:45 the afternoon.

  • Ha’penny Bridge:

It is one of the most majestic bridges in Dublin, Ireland which is located over a breathtaking River Liffey. It was constructed at the beginning of the 19th century and it is leaving its mark in some of the best tourist attractions of Dublin. The night view of the bridge is extremely scintillating to watch. Photography lovers would like to capture some epic selfies while having a bridge in the background. In the evening time, you will see a lot of foreigners traveling to Dublin gather here to enjoy some precious moments with their loved ones.

  • Irish Museum of Modern Art:

It is one of the most sought tourist attractions in Dublin, Ireland which acts as a haven for art lovers. Once upon a time, it was a hospital and it now features several exhibitions and programs that are rare to find anywhere else. The museum also features an Artist’s Studios which is considered as a key highlight in Dublin tourism. In the vicinity, you will find Maze garden which is also a worth visiting location during your Dublin vacation.

  • Trinity College:

Without any doubt, Trinity College is listed in every Dublin travel guide as it is recognized as the most famous University in the world. It is an education hub from where some famous personalities such as Jonathan Swift and Oscar Wilde passed out. If you are traveling to Dublin, Ireland for an educational tour or business conference then it is highly recommended to visit this destination. Some of the key highlights in the university include Book of Kells, The Long Room and many more. In the vicinity, you will find several Dublin hotels where you can try unique dishes made from local ingredients.

  • National Botanic Gardens:

If you are done exploring historic travel destinations in the country it’s a time to explore some natural tourist attractions of Dublin. Come to National Botanic Garden which is spread over an area of around 20 hectares. It is a destination where you will enjoy several unique species of flora along with the serene ambiance. While been here, you can cover Rock garden, sensory garden, and Arboretum. The garden remains open on all the days and you can consider visiting it from 10 AM to 5 PM to get the best out of your Dublin holiday.

The above list of best places to visit in Dublin possesses some ideal choices. You can also consider visiting some famous Dublin hotels, restaurants, beaches and parks that will add an element of excitement to your Dublin vacation. If you are planning to visit few other tourist attractions in Ireland including its UNESCO heritage sites then check out our other travel guides. The more time you spend in the breathtaking cities of Ireland the more will come to know about them.

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