Best Travel Backpack to Go For

When traveling, having the right backpack is crucial. It’s not just a bag to carry your luggage but an essential tool to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Several options are available, whether you’re a woman looking for a stylish backpack or a man needing durable leather. We’ll explore the best travel backpack to go for.

Best Travel Backpack for Women

The following are the best travel backpack for women. Also, check out our travel guide for the long trip to Los Angeles – What to take along.

Osprey Fairview 40: Specifically designed for women, this backpack ensures a perfect fit and maximum comfort. It offers a spacious main compartment, multiple pockets, and a detachable daypack. The stowaway back panel and hip belt provide excellent support and ventilation.

Dagne Dover Neoprene Backpack: This stylish backpack combines fashion and functionality. It features a neoprene material that is both durable and water-resistant. Its multiple pockets and compartments offer excellent organization for your luggage.

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Backpack: The Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Backpack is the best travel backpack for women, as it is ultra-lightweight and easily folded into its pocket for convenient storage. Despite its compact size, it still offers ample space to carry all the essential items needed during travel.

Herschel Little America Backpack: With its classic design and timeless appeal, this backpack is perfect for travel and everyday use. It offers a spacious main compartment, padded laptop sleeve, and comfortable shoulder straps. Its stylish look makes it a favorite among fashion-conscious travelers.

Patagonia Black Hole Pack 25L: The Patagonia Black Hole Pack 25L withstands the most challenging adventures. With its highly weather-resistant exterior, it offers exceptional protection against harsh elements. Its spacious main compartment provides ample storage space for all your essentials during your outdoor excursions.

Best travel backpack with wheels

High Sierra Freewheel Backpack: This wheeled backpack features a large main compartment, several pockets for organization, and backpack travel wheels smooth-rolling for easy maneuverability. The telescoping handle help to navigate through crowded airports.

Osprey Sojourn: This versatile wheeled backpack withstands harsh travel conditions. It features a detachable daypack, a spacious main compartment, and durable wheels that can handle rough terrains. The padded shoulder straps and hip belt add extra comfort like a traditional backpack.

Jansport Driver 8:The Jansport Driver 8 meets most airline restrictions for overhead bins, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. It has a large main compartment, a padded laptop sleeve, and a comfortable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Samsonite Wheeled Backpack: Known for its quality and reliability, Samsonite offers wheeled backpacks that are perfect for travelers. These backpacks feature spacious compartments, sturdy wheels, and a retractable handle for smooth navigation. The ergonomic straps ensure maximum comfort when carrying it on your back.

Thule Crossover Rolling Backpack: The Crossover Rolling Backpack features a molded polycarbonate back panel for superior durability, spacious compartments, and smooth-rolling wheels. The hideaway shoulder straps are perfect for when you need to carry it like a backpack.

Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Duffel: If you’re looking for a wheeled backpack that can handle rugged adventures, the Patagonia Black Hole is a top option. It’s made from durable, weather-resistant materials and features a large U-shaped opening for easy packing. The reinforced haul handles allow for easy lifting and carrying.

Best leather Travel backpack for men

Following are the Best leather Travel backpack for men. Also, check out our travel guide on the best travel accessories every traveler must have.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Nellis Backpack: This leather backpack from Tumi is perfect for the modern traveler. It has a spacious main compartment, interior and exterior organizational pockets, and a padded laptop sleeve.

Fossil Haskell Double Zip Workbag:  This leather workbag from Fossil combines style and functionality. It features two main compartments, multiple interior pockets, and a padded laptop sleeve. 

Filson Weatherproof Leather Journeyman Backpack: Crafted from weatherproof leather, this backpack from Filson withstands any travel conditions. It features a large main compartment, interior pockets for organization, and a padded laptop sleeve. 

Cuyana Classic Leather Backpack: With its high-quality leather, this backpack is a stylish option for travel. It offers a spacious main compartment, an interior zip pocket, and adjustable shoulder straps. 

Types of Travel Backpacks

Business Travel Backpack: Travel backpacks designed for business are typically sleek and professional-looking. The Travel backpack business has dedicated compartments for laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices and multiple pockets and organizers for documents, pens, and business cards. 

Small Travel Backpack: Small travel backpacks are perfect for those who prefer to travel light. These backpacks usually have a capacity of around 20-30 liters, making them ideal for day trips, weekend getaways, or personal items for flights. Despite their small size, they maximize storage space with clever compartments and pockets. 

Large Travel Backpack: A large travel backpack is an excellent option for those who need to carry more gear or plan for longer trips. These backpacks typically have a capacity of 40 liters or more, providing ample space for clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other travel essentials. They have multiple compartments, including separate dirty laundry or shoe sections, to keep your luggage organized and easily accessible. 

Lightweight Travel Backpack: If you prioritize lightweight and easy maneuverability, a travel backpack lightweight is the perfect option. These backpacks are made from lightweight materials such as nylon or ripstop fabric, reducing the overall weight without compromising durability. They often feature minimalist designs with fewer external pockets and compartments to further reduce weight. 

Travel Backpack for Carry On: When it comes to air travel, having a carry-on backpack that meets airline size restrictions is essential. These backpacks fit within the dimensions specified by airlines for carry-on luggage. They typically have a capacity of around 35-45 liters, providing enough space. 

Cheap Travel backpack for Laptop

Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack: This affordable Travel backpack anti theft with a hidden zipper and secret pockets to keep your luggage safe during travel. It has a dedicated laptop compartment for laptops up to 15.6 inches in size.

KROSER Laptop Backpack: The KROSER Laptop Backpack is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise quality. Its spacious main compartment can accommodate laptops up to 17.3 inches and your books, documents, and other travel essentials. The backpack’s anti-theft features include a hidden zipper pocket on the back and a luggage strap to secure it to your suitcase for convenience.

The North Face Borealis Backpack: This backpack is known for its durability and functionality. It has a spacious main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve for 15 inches laptop. It also has multiple other compartments for organizing your luggage.

Patagonia Fieldsmith Roll-Top: This backpack is made from recycled polyester and features a roll-top closure for easy access to your luggage. It has a padded laptop sleeve for 17 inches laptop and offers ample storage space for other essentials.

Best Travel Backpack Europe

Osprey Porter 46L: The Osprey Porter 46L is considered one of the best travel backpacks for Europe due to its spacious capacity and versatile design. It offers ample storage space for a dedicated laptop and tablet compartment. 

Osprey Farpoint/Fairview:  These backpacks offer a perfect balance between size and functionality. With a capacity of up to 40L, they can easily fit within most airlines’ carry-on size restrictions. 

Osprey Atmos/Aura AG: The Osprey Atmos (for men) and Aura AG (for women) are top-notch backpacks designed for longer European trips. An adjustable harness system and a ventilated back panel provide exceptional comfort and support. 

Nomatic Travel Backpack 40L: The Nomatic Travel Backpack 40L is a sleek, feature-packed backpack designed specifically for travel. It offers various innovative features, such as a strap system for easy conversion into a briefcase, a hidden pocket for valuable items, and a magnetic water bottle holder. 

Best Travel Backpack US

Topo Designs Travel Bag: The Topo Designs Travel Bag is a versatile and durable backpack for all your travel needs. It has a spacious main compartment with various internal pockets to organize your luggage. The bag is made from high-quality materials, including durable Cordura fabric, and has a waterproof coating to protect your gear from the elements.

Peak Design Travel Backpack: The Peak Design Travel Backpack is a premium travel pack with exceptional functionality and style. Its unique expandable design allows you to easily adjust its capacity from 35 to 45 liters, making it perfect for short- and long-term travel. 

REI Co-op Ruckpack 40: The REI Co-op Ruckpack 40 is a versatile, feature-packed travel backpack that caters to various travel styles. It offers a large main compartment with a clamshell opening for easy packing and unpacking and multiple internal and external pockets for optimal organization. 

Patagonia Black Hole MLC 45L: The Patagonia Black Hole MLC 45L is a versatile and environmentally conscious travel backpack. It is made from recycled materials and features a spacious main compartment with multiple internal pockets for efficient organization. 

Final Words

When choosing a travel backpack, there are several factors to consider. For women, a backpack specifically designed for their needs, such as the Osprey Farpoint and Fairview packs, can provide the perfect solution. Travelers looking for a carry-on option should opt for lightweight, compact backpacks that meet airline regulations.

It’s also important to consider features like laptop compartments, anti-theft measures, and functionality for business trips. So, whether you’re venturing through Europe or exploring the United States, these travel backpacks enhance your travel experience.

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