Top sights to see in France

Whether you’re traveling with your partner to the romantic capital or heading to the coast with your family, you’ll find there’s a holiday for everyone in France.

If you’re searching for inspiration to ensure your stay in this stunning corner of Europe is truly special, check out this rundown of the must-see sights and attractions, wherever you’re visiting during your trip.

Discover France

France is home to beautiful sights and captivating scenery. There are historic sites, majestic castles, and pristine beaches. Its capital city is filled with iconic landmarks and must-see museums and galleries, while the French Riviera in the south attracts some of the biggest names in Hollywood and beyond for the annual CannesFilm Festival.

French culture is closely intertwined with the Parisian way of living. Paris is a hub for fashion, art, and cuisine, and some of the most renowned designers and chefs made their name in the capital. Thousands turn out for the Paris fashion shows to see the latest styles. Meanwhile, some delectable dishes that hail from the country include ratatouille and boeuf bourguignon, along with classic baguettes and buttery croissants.

Must-see sights in France

If you’re trying to narrow down your must-do list while you’re in the country, here are some top attractions to see and things to try during your vacation in the country.

  • Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a 280km stretch in central France. It’s home to 15 awe-inspiring castles, including the Château of Chenonceau, which features vibrant white walls and fairytale turrets, and the Château of Sully-sur-Loire, in Loiret, a medieval monument that dates from 1102.

To take in this breathtaking valley at a slower pace, opt for a cycling tour of France. This will take you through the key sights around the area.

  • Palace of Versailles

To the west of Paris, you’ll find the dramatic Palace of Versailles. The former royal residence built by King Louis XIV is in Versailles, around 20 miles from the center of the capital.

Take in the gardens, where meticulous designs and nature meet, the Estate of Trianon, where kings went to escape the confines of their everyday roles, and the palace itself. A World Heritage site since 1979, this is an ode to pre-Revolution France.

  • Louvre Museum

As well as being the place where you’ll see the Mona Lisa up close, the Louvre is also home to a vast array of art exhibitions and thought-provoking displays. Take a tour and you’ll encounter the Venus de Milo and other stunning pieces.

  • Eiffel Tower

No trip to Paris is complete without a trip to the Eiffel Tower. You might want to take the lift or opt for the stairs. Whatever route you take to the top, the climb is well worth the effort. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view from your perch.

Did you know that there’s a secret apartment at the top of the tower, located just below the spire? Designer Gustave Eiffel added a table, sofa, piano and desks in the small space, along with a kitchen and bathroom.

Where will you go while you’re in France?

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