Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is known as a land of smiles and you will definitely get to see what you expect from this magnificent place. Whether it is history, culture, night parties, floating markets or exotic beaches, you get an opportunity to perceive different shades of this tourist attraction. Moreover, there are several reasons that make this place listed in one of the must-visit travel destinations in the world. Simply plan your itinerary ver well as every season is considered as the best time to visit Thailand. Here is a travel guide in which we have highlighted the best places to visit in Thailand in your upcoming tour:

Top Tourist Attractions of Thailand

  • Khao Lak:
  • Sukhothai Historical Park
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
  • Ko Phi Phi
  • Khao Sok National Park
  • Koh Tao
  • Railway Beach
  • Sukhothai Old City
  • Doi Suthep
  • Ayutthaya
  • Pai
  • Grand Palace

Why you must-visit these travel destinations?

  • Khao Lak:

This fantastic holiday destination has so much to offer you and prior to visiting it, make sure you have a few things in your mind to do here. Whether you wish to chase breathtaking waterfalls, chill on a serene beach or wander at national parks, there is absolutely everything to discover here. The island also offers you a great opportunity to enjoy adventurous activities while exploring wildlife in natural surroundings. Without any doubt, it is recognized as one of the priority tourist attractions in Thailand travel package.

  • Sukhothai Historical Park:

It is recognized as the most fabulous World Heritage site which has a history of old centuries. Here you can spot remains of royal palaces, temples, lakes, statues and wats. If you want to know more about Sukhothai culture then don’t miss a visit to Ramkhamhaeng National Museum. There are several reasons that make this part of the best places to visit in Thailand and you need to visit personally to unravel all those reasons.

  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market:

Every year, it is visited by a large number of visitors mainly because of its vibrant surroundings and collection of traditional items. The ideal way to explore this floating market is to hire a boat taxi that will take you through a series of narrow canals. Here you can spot handmade ornaments, jewelry, traditional clothes, street food items and much more. All in all, it is an integral part of Thailand tourism where tourists gather in huge numbers.

  • Ko Phi Phi:

It is one of the top Thailand places to visit that always remains on the priority list of beach lovers and also became a preferred choice for shooting movies. A visit to Ko Phi Phi means you don’t have any limitations on your delight. You can swim in the crystal clear water or take sunbathe, the choice is completely yours. Moreover, the beach offers an opportunity to become part of the exciting nightlife that you may have not experienced before. If you are searching for highly serene Thailand tour attractions then Ko Phi Phi is a place to be.

  • Khao Sok National Park:

If you want to get a real feel of forest ambiance then come to this place. When you stroll through the trails of thick forest, you can view amazing views of misty mountains. Besides, this is a destination where you can also enjoy some adventurous activities including kayaking, canoeing, jungle trekking, bamboo rafting etc. If you are exploring the most thrilling Thailand vacation spots then this park will help you to end your search.

  • Koh Tao:

It is one of the highly recommended islands which is included in all Thailand tourist attractions package you will come across. It is recognized for an extremely tranquil ambiance where you can find out the ultimate peace of life. Adventure lovers will have lots of exposure to do water sports activities including scuba diving. In the vicinity, you can discover several famous restaurants where you can taste mouth-watering cuisine made from local ingredients.

  • Railway Beach:

We are keeping Railway beach as a key highlight in our Thailand travel guide and there are several reasons for it. This untouched beach offers you amazing settings to enjoy diverse offerings of Krabi. It is one of the rare white sand beaches in the country which is also known for crystal clear waters. For water-sports lovers, this destination is equal to heaven as they get an opportunity to do snorkeling, kayaking, rafting and much more. All these reasons make Railway beach a vital part of your Thailand holiday. No wonder, the beach is listed amongst one of the top places to visit on Thailand.

  • Sukhothai Old City:

It is considered as the ancient capital of the country and there are several destinations within the city which are rated as UNESCO heritage site. If you are a history lover then you will love discovering different shades of Thailand when you keep visiting its historical landmarks one by one. If you are a photography lover then you will love spending a whole day. Make sure you have enough memory in your camera as the collection will be extensive and you will run out of storage space to capture everything in your device.

  • Doi Suthep:

If you want to see the religious side of Thailand then come to Doi Suthep. Here you can spot several religious carvings that date back to old centuries. If you are lucky enough then you will get a chance to view worship rituals which is one of the rare experiences to get if you are not visiting Thailand for simply travel. In the vicinity, you can spot several local shops selling handmade carvings and artifacts which you can take as a souvenir. If you are a history lover then you will prefer to add Doi Suthep in your itinerary of Thailand trip.

  • Ayutthaya:

If you are done enjoying the buzzing life of Thailand then it’s time to dig into the history of such a marvelous country by taking a short visit to Ayutthaya. Here you can spot several historical structures that are one of its kind masterpieces. There are several landmarks in the vicinity that are recognized as UNESCO heritage sites and this is the key reason why you must add it in your Thailand travel packages.

  • Pai:

When visiting Thailand for travel vacation, most of people would like to visit highly bustling places while others prefer to explore tranquil destinations such as Pai. Here you will get an exposure to spending your afternoon time by taking a stroll through the riverside to get extremely close to nature. While been here, don’t forget to try some unique cuisine as it is recommended by most of the Thailand travel guides. It is highly recommended to visit Pai in the month of December to January when the weather is extremely pleasant that can add an element of excitement to your Thailand tour.

  • Grand Palace:

A visit to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is incomplete without giving a visit to the Grand Palace. It is located very next to River Chao Phraya featuring wats, pavilions, halls, courtyards, gardens and much more. The overall scenery is perfect for capturing some photographs with your loved ones. In a similar location, you can also consider visiting Temple of the Emerald Buddha. No matter from what part of the world you are traveling here, you will agree with all the reasons why it is included in the best places to visit in Thailand.

What’s next waiting for you?

Thailand is a perfect mingle of cultural sites as well as an adventurous life. This is what makes it a perfect destination to visit with your newly wedded partner, friends or an entire family. With so much to explore, the buzzing country of Thailand will make sure you get pleasure for every single moment you spent here. After checking out the above list of best places to visit in Thailand, if you are searching for Thailand travel tips then check out our other categories to get detailed information. Don’t forget to see our other Thailand travel guides on cities such as Pattaya, Bangkok, and Phuket.

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  1. these all look like absolutely amazing places to visit in Thailand! So many beautiful beaches and parks. What time do you think is the best to visit? I want to go there, Thanks for sharing!

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