Top Things To Do in Arkansas

Arkansas, being a constituent part of the USA is well known for its diverse geographical areas, unique cultural heritage and lot of scope for interesting activities.  The famous Mississippi river flows in the northern region and the magnificent Ozark Mountains are must-watch places in Arkansas.  The rich culture of Arkansas is quite seen in historic museums, bustling restaurants and amazing athletic venues throughout.  The country has great highlands in the northern region and has lowlands in the southeast region. It is also home for the breathtaking caves- Blanchard Springs Caverns.  The state is also well-known for its history relating to civil rights pioneers. It is a home for digging diamonds- heaven for global travelers. We bring you some of the top things to do in Arkansas to make your tour a lifetime experience:

  • Understand the Origins through Historic Tour:

One can walk through the Arkansas heritage trails to experience the best of the country’s history. The Pea Ridge Military Park is the home for many civil war battles in the west of Mississippi.  Also don’t miss Little Rock which is the home for Lincoln’s Presidential Center- which also has the library and museum. No wonder, it is one of the best tourist attractions of Arkansas that you must add to your itinerary.

  • Go Into the Wild: 

Being a home for more than 70 kinds of mammals and 300 bird species, Arkansas is a wonderful place to visit for wildlife lovers. Visit the Watchable Wildlife hot spots- where one can spot the black bears, armadillos, black eagles and other fascinating fauna.  Don’t miss sighting the tigers and lions at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge which is one of the best places to see in Arkansas.

  • Embrace Art and Culture of Arkansas: 

Welcome the natural brilliance of Ozark Hills and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art through a cultural exploration in Arkansas.  Spread over 120 acres of forest area, it also an architectural marvel.  Tour the Frank Lloyd’s Bachman Wilson’s house. Don’t miss the Ozark Folk Centre State Park in Mountain View.

  • Go for a Trail: 

Explore the wild side of Arkansas to challenge your adventurous spirit. Expanded over 192 miles, from the Oklahoma border, the woodland trails are a dream come true for a person who loves long walks. Also, hike the Whitaker Point Trail that is a delight for photographers for its postcard views. Hiking and trekking are some of the best things to do in Arkansas all around the year.

  • Explore the Water Sports:

Arkansas is a great place to dwell in water sports such as fishing, paddling, and playing. The 300 miles of Arkansas River is a great place to start with. Also, explore the lake life at Ouachita State Park. Buffalo Outdoor Center gives canoes, kayaks and rafts for rent and also offers guided river rafting trips.

  • Take a Bike Ride:

Comprising of six bicycle riding friendly communities, Arkansas is a biking paradise. The Little Rock has 4,226 foot-long Big Dam Bridge offers a great place to bike around. The northwest region of Arkansas is famous for mountain biking with trail systems like Slaughter Pen. The Delta Heritage Trail State Park is a fantastic rail to a trail project to dwell on.

  • Dwell into the Musical Country:

Right from gospel places, blues and bluegrass genres, Arkansas has an amazing music scene.  Visit the Montgomery County Front Porch Stage in Mount Ida,  Ozark Folk Center National Park in Mountain View as well.  Also visit the home of legendary country singer Johnny Cash at Boyhood Home, Dyess.

  • Take a Breathtaking Drive: 

Explore the leisure side of Arkansas with a  relaxing drive along the Great River Road, and Dale Bumpers White River National Wildlife Refuge. Also get into a glimpse of history relating to the Civil War, blues and Native American heritage in towns like Helena.  The 290-mile long Scenic 7 Byway is considered to be the nation’s topmost serene drive.

  • Indulge into Underground: 

If you have the heart for underground and exploring the limestone reserves, there is no better place than Arkansas.  Dwell into limestone caves, underground lakes that have stones such as stalactites, flowstones and straws.  Also, get into wild caving and walk an interesting trail at Blanchard Springs Caverns.

  • Revisit the Calmness in Anthony Chapel:  

Regarded as the most coveted wedding location in the world, Anthony Chapel is also greatly known for its serene vibes. Situated deep in the Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, one can discover the new meanings of zen and spirituality in this renowned church.

  • Dine at President Clinton’s Favourite Dive:

Thanks to the remarkable 1992 presidential campaign of former US president Bill Clinton, this place has become world-famous for its sumptuous food. The restaurant’s chef also mentions enthusiastically the former president’s favorite dishes that include jalapeno cheeseburgers that are reasonably priced for customers below $10.

  • Enjoy the View at Hawksbill Crag: 

To witness the best scenic view of Arkansas, visit this spot that gives a view of the Buffalo River.  Catch a glimpse of serene sunrise during the mornings,  in solitude and relaxation. It is also a favorite spot for photographers and global travelers for its picture-perfect sceneries. If you are searching for the best places to visit in Arkansas during fall then Hawksbill Crag is a destination for you.

  • Relish the Possum Pie:

If you are a foodie with a penchant for unique tastes, don’t miss to taste the Possum Pie of Arkansas. It is undoubtedly the sweetest dish in the world laden with pecans, cream, chocolate custard- and an amazing way to treat your taste buds. Try out this indigenous dish at Sassy’s Red House in Fayetteville and Patti Cakes Bakery in Conway.

  • Explore the Fantastic Waterfalls: 

Check out the Glory Hole Waterfall which is 30 feet high and falls into the cave beneath. A truly amazing natural marvel to look at, this place is perfect to visit after heavy rainfall. Interestingly, the same place looks frozen and stunningly beautiful during the winters making it one of the top places to visit in Arkansas in hot springs.

  • Stay at the Haunted Hotel: Lovers of horror genre

Whether in books or movies would love to stay in the Crescent Hotel and Spa that is regarded as the most haunted hotel in the country. This ancient Victorian building is home to many ghosts and surely brings some thrilling experiences.  If not stay, one can also opt for the night-time tour of the property for an unforgettable hunting experience.

  • Sleep at the Vintage Texaco Gas Station: 

Looking for an interesting night to get into a slumber? Visit this 1930s art deco station for amazing solitude and calm.  It is indeed a rare feat to see a vintage gas-station that is breathtakingly kept intact for decades.  Located in Eureka Springs, this Texaco gas station is a marvelous place to spend a travel night in.

  • Explore the Diamonds: 

Visit the Crater Diamond State Park to dig your own diamonds- for an enticing experience.  Who knows? You might find a diamond of your lifetime during the dig here! With an entry ticket at $10, it is one of the cool places to visit in Arkansas that worth every dime.

  • Visit the Replica of White House’s Oval House:

For lovers of American Politics, Oval House needs no introduction at the Clinton Presidential Center.  One can also take photos at the replica of the legendary Resolute desk for a memorable pose! This replica looks exactly like the actual presidential suite.

  • Taste the Relishing Wine: 

For all the lovers of beverages and fine wine, Arkansas is a great place to be. Check out the Wiederkehr Wine Cellars- one of the oldest in the region, with a history going back to the 19th century.  Also, try the Chateau Aux Arc Winery which is a must-visit place for tasty wines.

What’s next waiting for you?

Whether you are looking for tourist attractions in Arkansas Little Rock or the best places to visit in Arkansas during fall the above travel guide covers everything. Now you know what to do in Arkansas, go ahead and plan your journey with total enthusiasm. If you are planning to discover some other tourist attractions in the USA then don’t forget to check our US travel guides.

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