Top Things To Do in San Jose

San Jose, the largest city in Northern California, is an extraordinary destination surrounded by rolling hills in Silicon Valley, a major hub in California’s Bay area. Whether you are looking for the best things to do in San Jose Costa Rica or free things to do in San Jose Ca, you will discover everything here.

San Jose appeals the most to tech-minded culture but there is a lot more than just that to see in this Northern California city. From beautiful landmarks containing historical significance to outdoorsy activities, this city has it all. If you are in for an extraordinary nightlife combined with fine dining and ready to do some A-class shopping, you’ve put your foot in the right place!

In this article we will be taking a glimpse of the top things to do in San Jose California while visiting this scintillating travel destination:

  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum:

To start off with a more religious and historically appropriate destination, you can visit this Egyptian museum that is modeled on Karnak’s Temple of Amon consisting of a large number of ancient Egyptian artifacts from pre-dynastic times. Apart from this one can also find mummies, precious jewels, sculptures, ritual objects, and more to tickle your imaginations and curiosity.

  • Winchester Mystery House:

Did someone say Mystery? Yes!! You read it right. This house has a past interesting and haunting enough to send a chill down your spine. It is known that Winchester Rifle’s widow Sarah Winchester began construction of this house in 1886 when she started believing that the house is being haunted by the spirits of all those people who died at the hands of her husband. Even 36 years after her death, the house is still not completely built and has a dozen of staircases that lead to nowhere, made in an attempt to confuse the harmful spirits. So if you are to visit this place, make sure to bring a companion and lots of torches!

  • California’s Great America:

As fun as the name sounds, the experience will be even more thrilling. Four-dimensional steel roller coasters, zero-gravity barrel rolls, mixed thrill rides, slides, pools and more, are all present at this place. It even has a separate and cute Peanut-themed Plant snoopy for the younger gen, which consists of spinners, carousels, a light Woodstock rollercoaster, and more fun its way!

  • Santana Row:  

Did you ever walk through an organic neighborhood? If not, then this place is all you need. With numerous oaks, palms, fountains, musicians, restaurant terraces, and friendly sidewalks for pedestrians, Santana Row is a must-visit place to gain that natural essence of San Jose streets. For tourists with wide interests, there are galleries, malls to view and ponder upon.

  • Happy Hollow Park and Zoo:

How does the idea of a family get together sound? This place is perfect for all sorts of amazements, be it appreciating the wildlife such as meerkats, fossas, capybaras or just having a thrill on amusement rides or just having an awesome and healthy lunch with your family from the special Picnic Baskets provided with healthy and substantial ingredients using environment-friendly utensils, this place has it all.

  • Heritage Rose Garden:

Even in this highly techy and fast city, one needs time to cherish the beauty of their surroundings, and to do that what better place than the Heritage Rose garden. As the name itself suggests the heritage touch in the garden, one can have a peek of the yesteryear San Jose while admiring the 2800 varieties of heritage, miniature as well as modern types of roses. The cherry on top is that no fee is charged, for you to see this breathtaking sight.

  • Japanese Friendship Garden:

Another one of the most scenic and peaceful places in San Jose has to be the Japanese Friendship garden. This serene garden is in the middle of the city and is the symbol of the “Sister City” relationship that Japan, Okayama and San Jose share. Not only is it a perfect place for celebrations, but also for tourists to quietly sit and reflect upon the tranquility around them. With egrets sitting near the Koi ponds, tea houses and bridges, this place has the perfect setting for a quiet and soothing destination.

  • Children’s Discovery Museum:

Just as it is mentioned, San Jose things to do has something for all, it’s time for the kids to have some fun. The programs and activities are designed in a certain way to help kids have fun while learning and gaining new life experiences. From digging mammoth fossils to making giant bubbles or role-playing a healthy lifestyle at the rainbow market, this place is all about enjoyment with education. The new addition of Billy’s Backyard is another fun outdoor playground where children can build, climb, dig and know how the natural world works. If you are searching for fun things to do in San Jose for kids then you must come to this museum.

  • Visit the Original headquarters:

Is the geek inside you already jumping while reading this point? If yes then it really is the perfect place for you. Silicon Valley is the place where both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built the first computer, where Google initially started and whatnot. Although now that they have moved on to broader office spaces, their true grounds, their original headquarters are right here in San Jose, listed as National Historic Landmarks being an integral part of this city’s history. So get ready to see the starting points, the garages of Apple and HP all in detail! No wonder, it is listed amongst one of the top 10 things to do in San Jose this weekend with your family or friends.

  •  San Jose Flea Market:

I’m guessing no one likes to go back empty-handed after they are done with their tours and sightseeing or everyone want to take something special or something of significance for oneself and others back at home? So this is the right place for all kinds of stuff one wants. Being the largest outdoor market in the United States, The San Jose Flea market is a bazaar flourishing on 120 acres. Food, electronics, handmade gifts, accessories, fabric homewares, antiques, you name it, and they have got it. It even has some cool options to have a bite, from BBQ to Mexican; Pizza to Breakfast, sweets to spices, this place has got it all for you.

  •  Plaza De Cesar Chavez:

Last but definitely not least, Plaza De Cesar Chavez has to be one of the most celebrated and most visited places in downtown San Jose. From seeing the frosty Christmas decorations with animatronics’ elves along with carnival rides in winters to free and unique concerts playing in San Jose Jazz festival, you can have the real-life party experience. Even strolling around the parks is a visual treat with beautiful flower beds, mesmerizing water fountains and even open-air theatres are all available. Even if one is visiting the museums nearby, some time must be kept aside to explore this beloved park and who knows, if lucky, one might even catch some popular food festival or some rare performance going on!

What’s next waiting for you?

Whether you are searching for the best things to do in San Jose Del Cabo or unique things to do in San Jose tonight, the above travel guide covers everything. So here were some of the adventurous and top-notch activities that you can do once you step in San Jose. There are many other sites and stuff which can’t be covered in just one article looking at what all San Jose has got in its pocket to offer, so the best picks are made for you. Hope you find it helpful and have a great time on this techy yet wonderfully alive land! Now you know what to do in San Jose, you can plan your journey with total enthusiasm. If you are planning to explore some other tourist attractions near San Jose then don’t forget to check the best places to visit in California.

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