How to Travel from New York to Florida

Traveling from New York to Florida is the best way to explore the east coast of the USA. You can take many modes of transport, and all come with their share of advantages and benefits. Air travel is the quickest and biking is the longest. You can also take to the water and travel on a sailboat so that you cover the seashore of the eastern side of the United States, and visit the best coastal towns, and come across marine life. If you are wondering how to travel from New York to Florida and what is the safest, cheapest, and best modes of transport between New York to Florida, then read on…

New York to Florida By Flight

Going by flight from New York to Florida is the fastest way to travel between these two US destinations. A one-way flight takes 2 hours 55 minutes to reach airports in Florida. Nonstop flights take 3 hours 15 minutes to reach Florida. Florida has many airports – international, private, and public airports. Airports in Miami (PBI), Tampa (TPA), and Orlando (MCO) are the most well-known ones. Others are Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), St Pete- Clearwater International Airport (PIE), and Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP). There are regular flights that take off from John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York to airports in Florida. On average, the flight costs $148 and if you get a better deal then the cost of the flight might even be less expensive. Popular airlines like Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines operate flights regularly.

New York to Florida By Bus

A bus is a faster way to reach Orlando, Florida from New York, but is also costlier than train service. Express bus services like Greyhound US, Star Line Coach, Wanda Coach run regular bus services twice a day from New York and arrive in Orlando, Florida. The fastest bus service takes 19 hours 31 minutes to cover the 939 miles land journey. Traffic on the road may make your bus journey longer than usual. However, you can see movies with free Wi-Fi, and let friends know of your exact location. These express bus services usually have good air-conditioning systems in them, so that you won’t feel sweaty and uncomfortable during your bus journey. However, these are direct buses and are the best option if you like to travel on a bus.

New York to Florida By Train

For families and those having children, the Amtrak train is the perfect choice for traveling from New York to Florida. You will cover 939 miles during your New York to Florida train journey, and it will take 28 to 32 hours of traveling. Trains leave New York and arrive in Orlando in Florida. You will pass one night on a train but if you like train journeys, then traveling by train from New York to Florida is a good option. Amtrak Silver Service runs its Silver Star and Silver Meteor passenger trains in a day. Book a ticket in the sleeping cabin, instead of passenger seating. That way, you will sleep comfortably in the night, rather than cramp uncomfortably in your seat trying to get some sleep. Go for the Roomette accommodation, where seats convert to sleeping berths at the night. You get free Wi-Fi and free meals, showers, and toiletries, café cars, power outlets, etc. There are 55 stations between New York and Florida that you will pass through, and you can alight on any one of them if you want to enjoy the train journey to its fullest. That way, you are breaking your journey and lengthening it over many days also. Amtrak costs $123, which is cheaper than a bus service.

New York to Florida By Car

You can plan a road trip by car from New York to Florida, and see the best places on the way. Driving is the cheapest option also. Interstate 95 is the best highway you can take. If you want to drive in the shortest possible time, you will take 15 hours on the road, or 2 full days of travel, and traverse a length of approximately 900 miles. However, the real thrill of a road trip is to make frequent stops on the way at national parks, cities, beaches, and do some trekking along the way. You can then see the most beautiful scenery on the eastern coast of the United States and taste delicious cuisine. When you take short breaks on your car trip you can plan a 2-week road itinerary of your New York to Florida road trip by car. Major places on the road where you can stay overnight and do fun activities are Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Savannah. There are some fantastic beaches in the Carolinas on the Atlantic Ocean, and excellent theme parks along the way. You will find lodges, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, camping grounds, rest stops, motels on this route. Interstate 81 also takes you from New York to Florida, and it goes inland rather than on the coast, and you will pass through places like Roanoke, Charlotte, and national forests on the way. It eventually merges with the Interstate 95 highway.

New York to Florida By Cruise

Sailing on a boat is the most adventurous way to traveling from New York to Florida. There are dangers on this sailing trip like rough weather, stormy seas, heavy rains, thunder bursts. If you travel every day and cover a good distance on the sea, and also stop at offshore destinations, go inland for dining and excursions, then you can plan a trip of around 20 days. There are many free docks along the sea route and many places where you can drop anchor and explore inland. You can rent a car, and go sightseeing and dining. You can always keep a good freezer to store your meats, veggies, and fish. But you can always catch fish if you are skilled at it, and find freshly caught food. Take frozen meats, canned foods, juices, ready-to-eat sachets available at all times, for there will be days when you could not find good ports and docks and may be at sea for longer periods. Sailing is a thrill in itself, and you can take it to another level by sailing from New York to Florida.

New York to Florida By Bike

Biking is also a great way to travel from New York to Florida. It might take anywhere from two months to four months, depending on how much distance you have traveled in a day. Embarking on a New York to Florida biking trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Cyclists and bikers will have to stay at many places during their trip and they will find motels, Airbnb rentals, lodges, camping grounds in national parks where to pitch a tent. You will need good quality cross-country bikes, and cycles, along with GPS navigation devices, magnetic compass, physical maps, medical kits, first-aid pouches. You will have to encounter bad roads, but also asphalt roads, wooden bridges, gravel paths, dirt tracks, rough rocky surfaces on the way. But you can make the trip at your own pace and visit some breathtaking farmlands, forests, beaches, rural areas, and spot wildlife and locals on this biking trip.

What is the public transport from the airport to downtown Florida?

In whichever airport you land in Florida, you can go downtown via metro, book an Uber or car rental service. There are shuttle buses also and tourist vans to take you from the airport to the downtown areas of cities in Florida. In Miami, you can take a metro rail to go downtown Florida. You can also book an Uber and Lyft to drive downtown. From Tampa International Airport, you will get even more transportation options to travel to downtown Tampa. Greyhound buses, taxi services, rental car services, shared passenger vans are the various option available from Tampa International Airport for tourists to reach downtown areas of Tampa.

What to do in Florida?

Florida, the Sunshine State of the US, is famous for theme parks, natural wonders, and beaches. You can do the most exciting things in Florida at many tourist places. There are so many amusement rides in Walt Disney World, where adults and kids can have a thrilling and rollicking time. Kids can meet their favorite comic characters and see movie shows, 3D simulation rides, and interactive games. In Universal Studios, kids can go on roller coaster rides with the Harry Potter theme. You can check out other amusement parks in Florida such as SeaWorld Orlando, Gatorland, etc.

Florida is famous for its long stretch of coastline, and Miami has the best beaches in Florida. There are beaches also in Destin, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona, and other cities. These beaches are perfect for beach games, beach walks, scuba diving, water sports, and relaxation.

But it is the national parks in Florida that are its number one attraction. Everglades National Park is a place of marshes, swamps, mangrove forests. Boat trips are the best way to explore the many water canals, creeks, and inland waterways that crisscross Everglades National Park. You could spot saltwater crocodiles, alligators, birds, turtles, snakes, and reptiles here. Canoeing, kayaking, camping, fishing, biking, hiking are the best things to do here. There are other famous places like Busch Gardens, Dry Tortugas National Park, Discovery Cove, Wekiwa Springs State Park which are best for wildlife lovers and recreational activities.

You can visit the islands in Florida to see wonderful sunsets, marine life, water sports adventures, and go on leisurely cruises. Sanibel Island, Key West, Amelia Island, and many others are rich in heritage places and natural beaches. You can explore the historic war memorials, forts and learn something about the American Civil War. The famous barrier islands of Florida are called the Florida Keys, an archipelago of small islands. You can do everything from boating, fishing, snorkeling, biking, golfing, collecting seashells, and recreation activities like beach games, sightseeing, beach walks, etc.

And then there are cities like Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Destin, Jacksonville, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, and others. There are historical districts with heritage monuments, museums, parks, shopping areas, theatres, art galleries, local markets, where you can do many activities. Zoos like Zoo Miami, Zoo Tampa, Naples Zoo, Jacksonville Zoo will excite kids with their animal exhibits and various activities. Restaurants serve the most delicious seafood, vegan, meats, veggie dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cheapest way to travel from New York to Florida?

Catch a bus from New York to Jacksonville, Florida which is the cheapest way to reach Florida. A bus ride will cost USD 99 to USD 118.

What is the road distance between New York to Florida?

The road distance between New York to Florida is 1596 km (1153 miles) via I-95.

What is the fastest way to travel from New York to Florida?

Catch a flight from the airport in New York and arrive in Florida in 2 hours 36 minutes.

When is hurricane season in Florida?

Florida is on the Atlantic Coast and also on the Gulf of Mexico. The ocean waters warm and develops into tropical waves. Most coastlines and beaches in Florida are hugely impacted by strong hurricanes during the Hurricane season. The hurricane season in Florida remains for a period of 6 months between June 1 to November 30. Hurricanes peak in the period of mid-August to late October. Tropical storms and hurricanes are a normal climatic event that is common in Florida.

How to travel within Florida?

Booking a car from a car rental service is the best way to travel within Florida. Amtrak offers train services to travel to many cities of Florida. Intercity bus services like Greyhound and Red Coach offer a bus to travel between many cities of Florida.

What is the general climate in Florida?

Generally, Florida has a warm subtropical climate. Temperatures remain warm, with a slight drop in temperatures during the winter season. Winters are short, and summers are long and humid.

What is the ideal clothing to wear in Florida?

Wear sunglasses, Panama hats, light cotton clothes during summers in Florida. Light coats may be needed during winters, but it does not get very cold that you have to wear heavy woolen coats.

What’s next waiting for you?

If you are also excited at the thought of taking any of the above modes of transport, then make a planned itinerary, pack your luggage, make some travel resolutions, and embark on a pulsating and eventful trip through the east coast of the United States. Do consider things like children traveling with you, travel budget, the safety of women, long hours of travel on the road, time, and your aim in taking that mode of transport. Now you know how to travel from New York to Florida check out our other travel guides to get more such useful information.

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