Best Places to Visit in Boston

Boston is versatile city in America that makes sure you never run out of choices while cruising through different sightseeing destinations within the city. Most of the key highlights of city are located within very close distance which makes it easy for tourists to cover maximum destinations through walking. Whether those are educational universities, parks, museums or theatres, there is a lot to discover in this compact city. Go through following travel guide on Boston to know about must visit destinations within the city:

  • Museum of Science:

This extraordinary museum features exhibits on different subjects including astronomy, zoology, ecology, chemistry, biology, physics and many more. It is not just for kids but most of the young also people find it interesting. Some of the key highlights of museum include Butterfly Garden, The Planetarium, ComputerPlace, Electricity dome and much more. If you are planning to visit this exciting museum then make sure you allocate a whole day to visit its all offerings.  

  • Freedom Trail:

If you want to explore historical landmarks and monuments of Boston in one go then you should visit Freedom Trails. Here you will get an opportunity to visit more than 16 different sits by following trails of around three miles. Some of the highly recommended landmarks you can spot here include King’s Chapel Burying Ground, Paul Revere House, Bunker Hill Monument, Old South Meeting House and Old Granary Burying Ground.

  • Fenway Park:

Whether you are sports person or not, you will love this most happening complex in the city. A visit to this park will make sure that you will have a fun time with your companions. The park still features the old method of scoreboard which is operated manually. The seating capacity of Fenway Park is extremely limited making it very difficult for spectators to get match tickets during Major Leagues organized here.

  • Harvard Museums and the Glass Flowers

You may have visited different kinds of Museums in the world but this one is truly unique in its own. Here you can spot more than 800 different species of flowers with over 3,000 different models which are manufactured from glass material. It will be hard for your eyes to believe whether these items are really made from glass. It is part of immense collection of Harvard which is demonstrated under a single roof of four different museums.

  • New England Aquarium:

If you are done exploring historical landmarks and museums of Boston, it is time to experience its unique aquatic life. Come to New England Aquarium where you can spot more than 20,000 aquatic animals and fishes of more than 500 different species. Here you can also spot artificial coral reefs which are surrounded by variety of underwater and tropical fish species such as moray eels, turtles, sharks and much more.

While going through diverse range of sightseeing destinations of Boston, you will get to know several historical facts about this museum. The city of Boston is very convenient for travelling and you can plan to cover maximum places within short time. If you are planning to visit few more cities in North America the check out our other travel guides to get detailed information.

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