Best Places to See in Nagpur

Located at a geographical center of India, Nagpur is recognized as an Orange City. It is blessed with several natural assets including parks, waterfalls, forts, lakes, ancient temples and wildlife sanctuaries. If you ever get an opportunity to visit this great place, don’t forget to buy a basket of oranges which is considered as a specialty of this fabulous destination. Simply scroll through following points to know best places to see in such a wonderful city Nagpur:

Key Highlights of Nagpur

  • Khindsi Lake: If you love doing water sports activities then head to a spectacular destination called Khindsi Lake. At this boating center you can enjoy wide range of sporting activities and this is the key reason why it is rated in LIMCA book of records. Moreover, here you can find variety of boats including houseboats, motor boats, pedal boats, kayak and many more.
  • Seminary Hill: If trekking is your passion then you shouldn’t miss visiting Seminary Hill. Once you get to top of the hill, you will get to see some of the best sceneries of lifetime. It also features famous botanical and Japanese Rose garden where you can spend some relaxing time with your loved ones. The hill also possesses convenient walking steps thereby making you quite easy to reach at the top of it.
  • Maharajbagh Zoo: Located at the center of Nagpur, this zoo attracts tourists in huge number. It is also recognized as an herbal garden where you can get insight into different forms of herbs. The botanical garden and zoo has become heaven for nature lovers. Besides, Maharajbagh also offers enough exposure to kids to play in unique environs of mother nature.
  • Nagzira Wildlife Sanctury: If you are one of the wildlife enthusiasts then you will love visiting this place. The sanctuary features variety of animals that you may have not seen before. Besides this, it is considered as one of the largest and oldest zoo in Maharashtra. Here you can get an opportunity see black panther, wild dogs, sloth bear, unique birds species and much more.
  • Mihan Cargo Hub: If you are interested to get a glimpse of infrastructural development taking place in Nagpur then visit this nice destination. Besides this. it is considered as one of the greatest aviation projects in the country. It is separated in two different parts SEZ and International Cargo Hub.
  • Ramtek Temple: Nagpur is also recognized as a pilgrim city on the virtue of its great ancient history. Ramtek temple situated in the city attracts several pilgrims around the year. It is a place where Kalidasa has written Meghdoo. Moreover, the structure of this temple has formed in Brahmin style that gives an elegant touch to it.
  • Sitabuldi Fort: Situated at the top of hill this place is established in 19th century by British officer. Addition to this, it has witnessed several fierce battles and great wars. The fort is home for territorial army and civilians can visit this place on public holidays. The inside part of the fort highlights dedication given to soldiers who lost their lives in War.

Apart from the places discussed above there is a lot to explore in Nagpur. Some other destinations mainly include Markanda, Buddhist Temple, Japanese Rose Garden, Zero Mile, Jama Mosque, Futala Lake, Balaji mandir, Ramdham, Deeksha Bhoomi and much more.

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