Best Places to Visit in Cuba

Cuba is one of the richest islands which is known for featuring opulence of sightseeing and adventurous activities. Once you reach this destination you will surely blown away by its diverse range of offerings. Most important thing is that the exciting vibe is spread everywhere you travel on this island. If you are planning to visit in Cuba very soon then here are few destinations you should add in your itinerary:

  • Havana: Skipping Havana during your tour to Cuba means making lot of injustice to your holiday. It is recognized as a spectacular historical city in the entire world where you can find several unique architecture and buildings that dates back to 16th century. The city also features some of the incredible nightclubs that will give you experience of buzzing life of Cuba.
  • Sierra Maestra: This immense mountain is known for its high altitude that offers a real adventure for travelers who love trekking. It is one of the untouched destinations in Cuba where you can spot lot of foreigners. If you are a photography lover then it is worth climbing this mountain as you will get opportunities to conduct some outstanding photography once you reach at the pinnacle.
  • Baracoa: Your tour to Cuba will complete only when you visit Baracoa where you can spot several rainforest and mountains that separates it from the rest of the world. It is also recognized for Chocolate production which is considered as a center of attraction for tourists. Large part of the mountain is surrounded by national parks that make an ideal site for hiking to discover traces of ¬†archaeological sites.
  • Vinales: It brags about some of the spectacular scenery that you will come across in Cuba. It is surrounded by several limestone formations and considered as a key land of tobacco farming. It is a destination where you can enjoy diverse kinds of adventurous activities including zip-lining. If you are planning an extended stay here then accommodation is never a problem.
  • Varadero: For beach lovers, Veradero is a place equal to heaven. While been here, you can spot several sandy beaches that welcome tourists of different interests. Here you can enjoy various water sports activities or simply sit at beachside to enjoy sunbath. If you want to taste some mouth watering cuisine made from local ingredients then you can explore several local restaurants here.
  • Trinidad: It is another historical city that boasts about numerous UNESCO heritage sites. Here you can spot several historical quarters and most of the destinations have a strong history of revolutionary occasions. While been here, you can also consider visiting nearby beaches that will make you stunned with pleasant surroundings and delicious cuisine.

Cuba is one of the highly underrated islands you will come across on the earth. It has several untouched gems that are waiting for you to unravel its natural beauty. If you are planning to visit a versatile tourist destination that will allow you to see different aspects of travelling then Cuba is an ideal destination.

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