Private aviation: How it differs from commercial flying

Most people dream of owning or chartering a private jet. The pinnacle of luxury, they’re a sought-after mode of travel by many.

The private jet market is booming, with worldwide stats showing an increase year on year. But what are the key differences between flying privately and flying with a commercial airline? Here are some factors to consider.

Private jet vs commercial airlines

When flying to another destination, whether it’s an internal or external flight, you have two options: flying commercially or privately. Everyone will have their preferences, however several factors draw people to private jets over commercial flights.

Elements that make the experience different from commercial flight include the amenities on the jet itself, the airport experience and how the journey feels. If your budget allows for it, renting a private jet could be the travel best decision you ever make. Here’s why.


When flying with a commercial airline, you’re undoubtedly limited in where you can land. It means that certain parts of the world are off-limits as the size of the plane and other factors leave you restricted. That’s where the joys of flying privately come into the picture. Private jets are smaller and range in size, which means they can land at most airports, including those that commercial planes can’t land at.


Another key advantage includes the lack of processes you have to endure ahead of your flight. Therefore, you don’t need to be at the airport hours before your flight to get through security and other hurdles along with everyone else. This makes the journey stress-free and much shorter, helping you stay in good spirits before your flight.

Comfort and amenities

The amenities on a private flight are unrivaled. And if you’re flying as part of a business trip, the setting can make all the difference. You can be more productive too, as you have more space to stretch out and feel at home. On a commercial flight, you’re completely limited to your booked seat – and you may even be separated from friends and loved ones. When flying on a private jet, you can select the right aircraft based on its size and layout to suit your preferences.

Add in VIP treatment with superb service, plus a fine dining experience and it simply can’t be beaten. Privacy is something that many private flyers enjoy. You can spread out and make the most of the journey, as opposed to wishing the time away.


While traveling by private jet is out of some people’s price range, it’s worth considering the many options that suit different budgets. Memberships can help you save money and renting, as opposed to owning, a private jet is another way to access the experience. You can also opt for a seat on an empty-leg flight to save money on your travel.

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