Best Places To Visit in Wellington

Being the capital of New Zealand, Wellington places to visit boasts about several natural as well as manmade sightseeing locations. This amazing city is surrounded by extraordinary harbor and immense hills thereby making it one of the spectacular travel destinations to visit in the country. No matter what your age is, you will find out several sightseeing locations here that will cherish you with its offerings.

The best time of year to visit Wellington for sports activities is from early January -March. The climate is best to travel at any time of the year. It’s usually windy and has an amazing climate. If you love water sports activities then this is the best place to visit because there are many beaches and outdoor activities. Many tourists visit Wellington for its Maori culture and historic places. Wellington is famous for its museums, art galleries, theatre shows, parks and zoo.

Here is an exhaustive travel guide on Wellington that covers the best places to visit in such a wonderful capital city of New Zealand:

Top tourist attractions in Wellington:

  1. Wellington Botanic Garden:

The lush landscape of Wellington Botanic Garden is spread over an area of more than 25 acres featuring unique species of flora and fauna. The garden features a wide range of forests and Lady Norwood Rose is most popular amongst the lot. Here you can also enjoy a special show organized on specific days known as Carter Observatory. You will find out several walking trails within the garden that will help you to cover all the offerings in a short time.

2. Museum of New Zealand:

It is one of the well-recognized museums in a country that is more about the culture and history of the Maori people. Those were the first group of human beings who were settled in New Zealand and you will come to know everything about their past in this marvelous museum. Most of the local people refer to this destination as Te Papa and it features an immense collection of art and treasures that belong to Maori people.

3. Zealandia

It is another natural gem that you will discover in Wellington. If you are searching for a destination that displays the extraordinary wildlife of the country then come to Zealandia. It is spread over an area of more than 200 hectares and you can easily reach to this destination from the central city. If you are a bird lover then you will love the company of several unique bird species such as Saddleback, Takahe and Stitchbird. Here you can also spot several walking trails that allow you to get acquainted with the entire sanctuary from a very close distance.

4. Matiu Island:

New Zealand is blessed with several natural reserves and Matiu Island is another addition to its kitty. It has been used for the important purpose of the military on the virtue of its secluded destination. Adventure lovers would love to explore a lot in this destination while doing hiking. Overnight camps are also organized on an occasional basis that allows travelers to get acquainted with this destination from a close distance.

5. Princess Bay:

If you are searching for a family vacation spot in Wellington that will give you tremendous opportunity to relax and rejuvenate your energy then come to Princess Bay. It is an amazing site to visit and do some photography. Here you can discover several swimming pools created because of small rocks where you can swim and enjoy the best time of your life with kids. It is one of the untouched and incredible places to visit in Wellington New Zealand where people come in search of the ultimate peace of their life.

Theaters to visit in Wellington:

  1. Circa theatre
  2. St James theatre
  3. BATS theatre
  4. Wellington town hall

Museums to visit in Wellington:

  1. Te Papa Tongarewa  

The museum defines the Maori culture in ancient days.

It is one of the oldest places which has a large collection of arts and crafts, displaying the history of New Zealand. The meaning of Te Papa Tongarewa mean the “Container Of Treasure”

It’s a great place to explore the history of New Zealand.

2. New Zealand cricket museum

This museum was founded in 1987, it is one of the best historical places to visit in Wellington.

It was introduced in  early-1800s New Zealand summers. It is also famous for one of the world’s oldest bats and gear used by legends.

Bert Sutcliffe, Sir Richard Hadlee and Stephen Fleming.

 3. Wellington Museum (formerly the Wellington Museum of City and Sea)

The museum tells the historical stories of Wellington’s how the city has evolved over the 150 years, the building was designed by architect Frederick de Jersey Clere.

4. Wellington Cable Car Museum

The museum was the Winding House, it has a  collection of two original grip cars and the historic winding machinery.

It has a history of how they discovered the outstanding system more than 100 years ago to transport people between the harbor and the hills.

5. Reserve Bank Museum, Old St Paul’s

The Reserve Bank Museum shows the history of the economic and banking heritage of New Zealand. It has a history of trade and banking system The Reserve Bank is the central bank of New Zealand it has a collection of rare notes and coins from the Bank’s numismatic and the collection is displayed at the Museum.

6. National War Memorial

The museum is dedicated to the memories of the soldiers who offered up their lives for the country during the first and the second World War. It is also dedicated to the remembrance of the men, women and children who died during those wars. The museum has two buildings from two different ages – the National War Memorial Carillon (1932) and the Hall of Memories (1964)The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior (2004) is built in front of the building.

7. Petone settlers museum

The Museum is located in the Wellington Provincial Centennial Memorial, it is a local historic building in Petone. The museum was opened in the building in 1977. It was designed by Horace L.Massey. The building was vastly refurbished in 2016.

8. Holocaust centre of New Zealand

The Holocaust centre is the national education and remembrance Centre.

They tell the stories of the survivors of Nazi persecution, who came to settle down in New Zealand and start a new life.

Art galleries to visit in Wellington:

1.  City gallery wellington

It is one of the most beautiful art galleries and top places to visit in Wellington, many tourists especially come to visit wellington for this gallery. It has all the beautiful paintings and pictures of artists and creators. It is mainly dedicated to Maori and Pacific Art

2. New Zealand portrait gallery

This gallery is also known as The Pūkenga Whakaata  This art gallery tells the tale of people in New Zealand. It’s a charitable fund gallery, which was founded in 1990. It’s a must-visit place in wellington. If you are looking for some of the historic tourist attractions of Wellington New Zealand then you must explore this gallery.

3. Maori art gallery

This art gallery has all the things which were used in historical times. It’s a family-run business that has both traditional and modern Māori arts and crafts where you can shop beautiful handmade things if you’re interested in old and historical things then you have to visit this shop.

4. The dowse art museum

This art museum has local and national artists’ work. it was opened in 1971 and got remodeled in 2013. It’s a municipal art gallery with beautiful work that showcases the work of artists and creators.

Beaches to visit in Wellington:

1.  Scorching Bay

It’s one of the magnificent beaches in Wellington, the view is amazing and it’s a family beach where you can take our children for a picnic. There are many cafes nearby.

2. Oriental bay

This beach is also recognized as  “the Riviera of the South ” it is a  popular beach because it is located in the Center of the city close to the Central Business District on Wellington Harbour. This beach is close to the central city and that’s why it’s a popular destination for locals and visitors to visit. People mostly visit this beach in December to march.

3. Makara beach

It’s a short drive away from Willington but it’s worth it. The stunning view of the beach and lovely weather

4. Eastbourne beach

It’s a seaside village beach in the suburb of Lower Hutt, you can find a gorgeous view. It gives a lively look of the city.

Zoo to visit in Wellington:

Wellington Zoo

It is one of the oldest places in Willington. it was opened in 1906 there are more than 500+ animals and 100+ spices. It has mammals, birds. Reptiles and amphibians, spiders, insects and fish. If you are searching for some of the fun things to do in Wellington with kids then you must give a visit to this amazing zoo.

Top things to do in Wellington:

  • Mountain biking:


It is one of the best places for biking in Wellington.

It is surrounded by forests and various trees on the way. It’s such a stunning place for biking if ur visiting Willington then u can’t miss exploring this spot.

2. Wainuiomata Trail Project

This is the best place for beginners to advanced bikers for having an adventurous experience. No wonder, it is one of the best things to do in Wellington this weekend.

3. Belmont Regional Park

This is one of the ancient parks which covers 3500 hectares of hills and valleys between Porirua to Hutt Valley. The things you can explore in this park are Korokoro Dam, World War II ammunition magazines, part of the original Old Coach Road. You can even see the stunning view of the park from the hills.

4. Rangituhi-Colonial Knob

It is a great place for mountain biking and one of the top things to do in Wellington today. It has native and exotic forest and grasslands. The view from the hill makes you cherish every moment.

  • Scuba diving

The best places for scuba diving in Wellington:

  1. Castlepoint
  2. Hunter Bank
  3. Kapiti Island
  4. Makara Beach
  5. Owhiro Bay
  6. Palliser Bay
  7. Titahi Bay
  8. Takasaki Reef
  9. Turakirae Head
  • Sailing Canoeing Sea Kayaking: There are many good sailing, canoeing and sea kayaking schools, which are in Wellington for beginners to advance.

Sea kayaking has been popular in harbors and coastal regions. It can be hired per day or just for an hour or two.

  • Yachting and Boating

Yachting is one of the favorite sporting activities around the city of Wellington. Yachting season in New Zealand is mostly between September and March.

At the weekends, various yachts of all sizes sail around harbors, bays, scenic coastal stretches, and the Kapiti Coast.

  • Surfacing

The best places to surfacing in Wellington are:

  1. Cook Strait
  2. Lyall Bay
  3. Manawatu to Wanganui
  4. Otaki, Foxton and Himatangi
  5. Titahi Bay
  6. Wairarapa region
  7. Ning Nong,
  8.  Palliser Bay and White Rock

What’s next waiting for you?

New Zealand is considered a dream travel destination for many people and there is a reason for it. The cities like Wellington will definitely make your visit to this magical country memorable as it has several sightseeing locations to boast about. Once you go through the above list of top things to do in Wellington and what to do in Wellington, you can plan your journey with total enthusiasm. So pack your bags and plan your upcoming trip to New Zealand to experience the magic of famous cities such as Wellington. Check out our other travel guides to discover some of the top places to visit near Wellington.

About Author: Samreen Amjad is a proficient writer who loves traveling and sharing his travel stories through regular blogging.

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