Best Places to Visit in Saint Lucia

If you are planning a short family holiday to a destination equal to heaven then Saint Lucia is an ideal choice. Whether it is an incredible shoreline or dense rainforest, there is a lot to discover during your small tour. Situated at the scintillating ocean, this amazing Caribbean island boasts about several secluded beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, picturesque beauty and wonderful plantations. Go through following list of best places to visit in Saint Lucia that will add real spice to your itinerary:

  • Quilesse Forest Reserve: Here you can enjoy an extended trail with a luxury to spot more than 30 different species of bird. This is one of the unique destinations in Saint Lucia which is often crowded with huge number. What it means that you can enjoy its ultimate beauty in extremely tranquil surroundings. While been here, it is recommended to hire a ranger who will help you to get best out of your tour.
  • Pigeon Island: It is one of the spectacular destinations to visit in Saint Lucia. If you love adventurous activities such as hiking then it is worth exploring this thrilling destination to challenge your body. You can consider climbing couple of peaks here to capture some of the stunning photographs from the pinnacle.
  • Rodney Bay: Whether it is plush malls, flashy marina, buzzing casinos or lavish resorts, there is a lot to explore in this small town. If you want to explore street food then don’t forget to check-in at some of the rangeful of restaurants here. Get a taste of local music and enjoy exciting nightlife at reputed pubs located in vicinity.
  • Millet Bird Sanctuary: It is perfect sanctuary where you can spot some of the rare species of island birds. The unique endemics and more than 30 bird species offer you an awe-inspiring environment that you may have not enjoyed before. If you have kids with you then they will love feeding birds and get social with them.
  • Cocoa Farm: If you always have curiosities over where the cocoa is harvested then take a small tour to Cocoa farm of Saint Lucia to get resolve your doubts. The expert guidance is also available here that allow you to do seeding, roasting, picking and grinding to create chocolate from your own beans.
  • Soufrière: This place is name after a famous volcano which is also considered as a sightseeing location on this Caribbean island. Here you can spot market square where you can spend some quality time exploring local stores and shops. You can spot amazing botanical garden in the vicinity that gives you an opportunity to get extremely close to the nature.

If you are planning a short tour to Saint Lucia then above mentioned places will give you ultimate zeal. But if you have extended plans then there is still more to discover here. Simply add some more destinations to above list and make your tour all-inclusive. Don’t forget to check out our travel tips to know how to cover sightseeing of Saint Lucia in a small budget.

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