Top Things To Do in Saint Lucia

Travelers around the globe have been attracted by the most beautiful Caribbean island, Saint Lucia. This place holds the perfect mixtures of lush rainforests, hidden waterfall, mountain views, pristine beaches, and more. It is a place that has authentic creole culture evidenced by spicy cuisines, a lilting accent, and a laid-back attitude. You have not visited tourist attractions of Saint Lucia until you have not paid a visit to Soufriere, the original French colonial capital’s “drive-in volcano”, walked through the botanical gardens, explored historic plantations, and viewed iconic pitons.

Saint Lucia tourist attractions are all about doing dancing, swimming, sailing, eating, hiking, biking, and more.

If you are planning a short family holiday to a destination equal to heaven then Saint Lucia is an ideal choice. Whether it is an incredible shoreline or dense rainforest, there is a lot to discover during your small tour. Situated at the scintillating ocean, this amazing Caribbean island boasts of several secluded beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, picturesque beauty and wonderful plantations. Here we have listed some of the top things to do in Saint Lucia and the best places to visit in Saint Lucia to make your tour memorable:

  • Take a break at Marigot bay –

Witness one of the beautiful natural harbors of the Caribbean, five miles south of pastries. Daysail excursion with the island’s west coast can automatically plan a trip to marigot bay because of its beauty. Enjoy hanging out around Capella marina, ogle at beautiful yachts and sailboats, waterside lunch, tossing the sunset, and have the yummiest dinner. A tiny ferry takes the people to the tiny beach where you can have all the fun.

  • Indulge at the spa –

Almost from small hotels to big resorts, have an inbuilt spa which offers the public to take rest there. The two best spas of Saint Lucia are the body holiday, located at the northern tip of the island in Cap Estate and the second is Sugar Beach, which is a viceroy resort, situated between the pitons in Soufriere. Treat yourself with daily routine treatments in tree houses spas will make you feel relaxed. No wonder relaxing at spas is considered as one of the best things to do in St Lucia.

  • Take a dip under a waterfall –

From a mile or so, inland from Soufriere harbor and stone from Fond St. Jacques, Toraille Waterfall is there which is over a cliff and down to 50 feet, you can enjoy taking a refreshing plunge or dive into the waterfall and cover yourself with water. Around the waterfall, you can find a natural trail surrounding the tropical gardens, where you can change your clothes as well.

  • Walkthrough the botanical garden –

Every side around it cuts through diamond falls botanical garden in Soufriere which bursts with pink, purple, yellow, red, orange, blue tropical flowers. The botanical farm is situated in 2000 acre land which was inaugurated by French King Louis in 1713. It is a peaceful, quiet, beautiful place to spend the afternoon time. If you are searching for some of the natural tourist attractions in Saint Lucia then the botanical garden in Soufriere is an ideal option.

  • Sail along the coast –

Sailing along the sea in Soufriere, from the north of Saint Lucia, will have fascinating natural attractions which you can enjoy the most. You can choose to have catamaran excursions from Rodney bay marina and Capella Marina in Marigot Bay have magnificent sailing to Soufriere. Sailing includes a visit to the drive-in volcano, botanical garden, lunch at historic plantations. While sailing, pitons are always a great view. If you want to experience some of the fun things to do in Saint Lucia then you msut try sailing.

  • Hike in the rainforest –

Saint Lucia has covered from rainforest more than 19000 acres of the island, hikes to the Edmund Forest Reserve, east of Soufriere, and is accessible with Fond St. Jacques. It is full of exotic flowers and plants, views of mountains, valleys, and sea. Forest Reserve is easy hiking with the amazing views closer to carries the mile-long trail through Barre de I’Isle.  But you need to have permission from the forestry department of Saint Lucia.

  • Climb the pipe –

Pitons are regarded to be the iconic symbol of Saint Lucia. The view from the top of this mountain piton is amazing and heartbreaking. You can easily spend two to three hours climbing the mountain. But for this climbing also, you need to have forest department permission for a safe climbing while explaining some history, geology, and botany of the piton.

  • Explore the depths –

The pitons are covered with coastal waters and north to anse Cochon, it is protected with Marine Reserve areas. Saint Lucia is an excellent place for scuba divers for exploring reefs, walls, and wrecks. Dive in Saint Lucia, in Rodney Bay, provides state of the art, purpose in a built, full-service facility with a classroom, a training pool, and more. Big resorts also provide inbuilt dive facilities to the customers which offer day trips, courses, and certification.

  • Jump up Friday night –

Gros islet is a place to enjoy Friday night. Huge speakers are set up on the streets playing Caribbean music. On the side of the streets, people are barbecuing, preparing chicken pieces and fish and beverages are being sold. Tourists and locals joined on Friday night to spend the whole night dancing, singing, and eating.

  • Heads for fish fry –

Ansa La Raye, a fish village between Soufriere and Castries. On a Friday night, the night is linked with all folks preparing grilled and stewed fish, crayfish, lobsters with corn, and bakes. On that night, live music and beverage drinking will go on all night in the village. Tasting some local cuisine is one of the top things to do in Saint Lucia that you must add in your itinerary.

  • Horse riding on the beach –

Creol horse is small and sturdy and loved by tourists of Saint Lucia to take them on the sandy beaches. It offers two hours of riding on the creole horses to ride along the beach with a beautiful sea view in Vieux Fort. Taking a beach ride on the Maginot bay is also a good option. These are all family fun and a good time to spend with family.

  • Zip through the rainforest –

In Bonneau, the rainforest gives a choice of thrilling, 10 station zip line adventure and a sedate aerial tram ride through the northwest of the rainforest. The Coubaril Historical Adventure Park in Soufriere offers to rush past panoramic views with towering pitons under the forest canopy.

  • Play in the water park –

Offshore to Reduit beach, front of bay gardens beach resort, splash island waters offers water sports activities for youngsters and teenagers. You can enjoy the trampoline, climbing wall, swing hurdles, high jump, water polo, etc in the water parks of Saint Lucia.

  • Eat a banana –

In Saint Lucia, there are 127 types of bananas and I bet you can’t find these varieties anywhere in the world. Alongside the roads of Babonneau and Marigot bay, you will find many endless banana fields that grow 1000s of bananas. It is covered with plastic bags to protect them from birds and insects.  The bananas here are sweeter than in any other country.

  • Practice Patois –

You can find speaking people with the English language and Kweyol, the traditional language of Saint Lucis. It somewhat sounds like french but it’s not. Some examples of it are The morning greeting is Bon you, in the evening, Bon awe or might ask Sa Kafe (how’s you?) The most enjoyed dish of Saint Lucid is bouyon, rich boiled soup with meats and vegetables.

  • Discover Quilesse Forest Reserve:

Here you can enjoy an extended trail with the luxury to spot more than 30 different species of bird. This is one of the unique destinations in Saint Lucia which is often crowded with a huge number. What it means that you can enjoy its ultimate beauty in extremely tranquil surroundings. While been here, it is recommended to hire a ranger who will help you to get the best out of your tour.

  • Explore Pigeon Island:

It is one of the spectacular places to see in Saint Lucia all around the year. If you love adventurous activities such as hiking then it is worth exploring this thrilling destination to challenge your body. You can consider climbing couple of peaks here to capture some of the stunning photographs from the pinnacle.

  • Take a tour of Rodney Bay:

Whether it is plush malls, flashy marina, buzzing casinos or lavish resorts, there is a lot to explore in this small town. If you want to explore street food then don’t forget to check-in at some of the range of restaurants here. Get a taste of local music and enjoy exciting nightlife at reputed pubs located in the vicinity.

  • Amaze yourself at Millet Bird Sanctuary:

It is a perfect sanctuary where you can spot some of the rare species of island birds. The unique endemics and more than 30 bird species offer you an awe-inspiring environment that you may have not enjoyed before. If you have kids with you then they will love feeding birds and get social with them.

  • Discover Beauty of Cocoa Farm:

If you always have curiosities over where the cocoa is harvested then take a small tour to Cocoa farm of Saint Lucia to get resolve your doubts. The expert guidance is also available here that allows you to do seeding, roasting, picking and grinding to create chocolate from your own beans.

  • Give a visit to Soufrière:

This place is named after a famous volcano which is also considered as a sightseeing location on this Caribbean island. Here you can spot a market square where you can spend some quality time exploring local stores and shops. You can spot an amazing botanical garden in the vicinity that gives you an opportunity to get extremely close to nature.

What’s next waiting for you?

Saint Lucia is all about bubbling, pondering the mass of a volcanic island. It is covered with jungles and dense forests from top to bottom. SaintLucia is a place of wild highlands walk and adrenaline thumping, ziplines, curious creatures, etc. Travelers around the globe get the most heart welcome by the locals with Parisian and French cuisines. It is a jewel of all islands. Persons should pay a visit to this beautiful Caribbean island once in their lifetime. It is a place of heaven on earth.

Whether you are searching for top things to do in Port Saint Lucia or top places to visit in SaintLucia, above travel guide covers everything. If you are planning a short tour to Saint Lucia then this list of mentioned places will give you ultimate zeal. Now you know what to do in Saint Lucia, don’t forget to check out our travel tips to know how to cover sightseeing of Saint Lucia in a small budget.

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