Private Jet Travelling: Best Places To Visit In Dubai

Dubai is known to be the fourth most visited place in the world and is famous for its high-rising architectural wonders and excellent collation of spas and reports. 

The city of Dubai never stops growing and is on a constant rise of fascinating attractions and futuristic towers. Every creation has intact utmost precision in mind and even has the potential to offer significant destinations to unique explorers. 

This article will provide a proper guide to visiting Dubai’s best locations and places where you can have tons of fun. 

Best Places To Visit In Dubai 

Here is a list of some of Dubai’s best places to visit. 

1. Dubai’s Miracle Garden 

Dubai’s Miracle Garden is the world-renowned botanical garden in the heart of the city. It is the most visited place by tourists and local residents.

It is recognized to be the world’s largest natural flower garden by the Guinness Book Of World Records.

The garden includes flower arrangements in unique styles, design, and pattern, which keeps changing every year. It also features different sculptures made out of flowers, for instance, an Emirates A380. 

It makes it even more exciting for the visitors to see new arrangements, making it a memorable experience. 

2. Bastakiya: The Traditional And Old Town Of Dubai

Also known as the Al Bastakiya or Al Fahidi Historic District, it is an ideal spot to experience a heritage walk tour sightseeing the neighborhood of Dubai. 

It should be a must-visit place for people who prefer Arabian history and architecture and is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle in the modern city. 

This place was originally a trading hub for textile leaders and pearl merchants, later altered into a residential palace for wealthy families. 

3. Dubai Underwater Aquarium Zoo

One of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, located in Dubai Mall, is home to more than 33,000 marine animals representing over 140 different species. 

The place is divided into different segments: the Underwater Zoo, Aquarium Tunnel, Rocky Shores, and Rainforest. Similarly, there is an Aquarium tunnel, a 48-metre-long transparent walkway surrounded by water on all sides. 

The aquarium is not only a tourist attraction but plays an important part in education as well. Marine biologists and specialists aim to raise awareness about the significance of preserving marine life. 

4. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

At times, you would need a city break and can visit a popular wildlife destination where you can find indigenous species of animals.

There are species like mountain gazelles, Arabian oryx, and sand gazelles. You can decide to stay in the luxurious wildlife resort. 

5. Dubai Opera 

Located in downtown Dubai, the opera is known for its night activity. It is one of the worth visiting places for musical entertainment where one can find muses in the opera shows. 

Apart from music, it also conducts ballet shows, concerts, comedy nights, and even classical instrument shows. There is also a rooftop eatery which serves delicious multiple cuisines. 

6. Jumeirah Mosque 

The mosque is regarded for its beauty and is the most iconic landmark in Dubai. The Jumeirah Mosque is a prime example of Islamic architecture, with a stunning white facade and intricate design. 

When you visit the mosque a professional guide will direct you with Islamic traditions, beliefs, and practices. 

7. Deira Souk 

Souk, also known as markets, is well known for the tourist to make a visit. 

Located close to Dubai Creek, you can witness a lot of traditional architectural and wooden styles within the market. Deira Souk is famous for its herbs, species, nuts, dried fruits, and traditional Arabic perfumes.

It even has the world’s largest gold market, attracting yearly tourists. When you visit the place, you can see a variety of gold jewelry displayed on the window throughout the market. 

8. Global Village 

It is also known to be the most visited place by tourists and is best to visit with friends and family. Including different pavilions, each offers a cultural attraction of varied countries.

It is more of an entertainment and cultural destination that brings together people from around the globe to experience different traditions, cuisines, and traditions. 

For example, you can visit the Egypt Pavilion and buy some Jalabiya (traditional dress), Oman for Omani fashion accessories, and several others. 

Best Time To Visit Dubai 

The best time of the year to visit Dubai is usually from November To February, as the temperature is pleasant and there is a buzz in the air with various activities and events taking place, starting with Dubai Shopping and Dubai Food Festivals. If you plan to visit in the forthcoming months, you can travel by private jet charter dubai, making your trip even more memorable. 

Certainly, visiting Dubai will take your holiday experience to another level, starting from visiting the world’s largest garden and entertaining venues, an indoor aquatic world, and taking your family members to shop. 

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