Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Most of the people often ask questions such as Dubai is in which country or is Dubai a country? Here in this travel guide, you will get answer to all such common questions. It is a world class city which features lavish Dubai hotels, Dubai malls, Dubai airports and much more. In this amazing city in UAE, you will get an opportunity enjoy an amazing hospitality experience. If you have already booked any Dubai tour package or planning to visit this mesmerizing city then go through following destination that you must-visit during your journey:

  • Burj Khalifa:

Without any doubt, it is considered as a priority travel destination in the city. With a height of more than 800 meters, it offers you spectacular view of the city from observation deck. Most of the adventure seekers have also made this destination famous for Dubai Skydiving. It is recommended to visit this destination for entire day as during daytime you can consider visiting nearby gardens, while night time is especially dedicated for amazing fountains. If you are landing through any of the Dubai flights then you can reach here very easily from Dubai airport.

  • Dubai Museum:

It is one of the most incredible museums located in Al-Fahidi Fort of city. When you visit this amazing destination, you will able to unravel several historic things about city. The upper floor features several wooden poles while ceiling is developed from plaster, mud and fronds. The Fort was considered as a home of ruling family during old times. The museum features several exhibits and artifacts from old times which are rare to find anywhere else.

  • Dubai Frame:

It is one of the latest sites in city which is perfect blend of classic design and modern art. This 150 meter high picture frame offers perfect setting to enjoy bird’s eye view of city. When you reach at the observatory deck, you can enjoy sparkling views of both new and old city. Once you get down, you may also consider visiting Future gallery where you will discover lot of surprises making it a must visit sight in city.

  • Dubai Aquarium:

If you are done exploring all artificial sites of city such as Dubai hotels and Dubai airports then add one more gem to your basket in the form of this amazing Aquarium. It is one of the most recognized family vacation destinations where you can spot more than 125 marine species in a huge tank located at the ground floor of Dubai Mall. A stroll through the aquarium tunnel is one of the most unique experiences you will enjoy in Underwater Zoo. Here you can also enjoy thrilling activities such as Shark diving, cage snorkeling and glass bottom boats.

  • Jumeirah Beach:

As this wonderful city has so many offerings to cover, most of the tourists even forget to visit famous beaches of city. Jumeirah Beach is recognized as a highly recommended beach in city where you can enjoy several water sports activities along with total relaxation on white sand. In the vicinity, you will spot several local Dubai hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy local as well as international cuisine. While been here, you can also consider visiting Majlis Gardens and Majlis Ghorfat Um Al-Sheef to add an element exciting to your day.

  • Ski Dubai:

If you want to experience chilling cold in the humid environment of Dubai then come to Ski Dubai. It is one of the finest destination in city which you can consider visiting with your entire family. If you have tried Dubai Skydiving then it’s time to go a step further. Here you can enjoy wide range of thrilling activities such as snowboarding, tobogganing, skiing and much more. Kids will enjoy playing with snow penguins and it is worth taking few selfies here. You can consider visiting this place any day from 9AM to 12AM.

  • Dubai Creek:

You may have seen picturesque view of city when landing from Dubai flights to airport but it is worth exploring this city on water taxis. Come to Dubai Creek, where you can enjoy a tour to famous sightseeing of city when your boats will cruise through water very smoothly. If you are travelling with entire family then you can definitely allow them enjoy mouth-watering meals served that are made from local delicacies.

  • Dubai Miracle Garden:

As the name suggest, it is definitely a miraculous place where you can see plants and flowers blossoming in desert land. It is unbelievable destination where you will get mesmerized by the natural settings of flowers. It is one of the serene destinations in city that offers you tranquil environment in hustle bustle of city life.

  • Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary:

If you have got stunned by the gardens in the city, it’s a time to shock yourself with one more natural gem in the the city. Here you can spot massive group of flamingo birds that stopby while doing migration. The most amazing thing is this destination is located only small distance from some of the biggest skyscrapers of city. What it means that you get an opportunity to see a perfect blend of natural and artificial creation of city at this sanctuary.

  • Dubai Opera:

It is one of the most entertaining destinations you will come across in city where tourists visit in huge number. It is a prime cultural hub of city and key highlight of city where you can enjoy amazing nighlife. It features several famous performances of top class musicians, ballet, concerts, classical music, comedy nights and much more. The building of Dubai Opera is a true masterpiece which has a capacity of more than 2,000 seats thereby offering an extraordinary experience to spectators.

Now you got answers to Dubai is in which country or is Dubai a country, simply go ahead and pack your bags to this stunning city in UAE. When opting for any of the Dubai tour packages, make sure you dedicate at least 4-5 days to cover all the gems of this extraordinary city. If you are planning to visit few more cities in UAE then check out our other travel guides.

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