Best Places To Visit in Armenia

Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world so that it isn’t surprising that the country offers a range of touristic destinations that will make your trip unforgettable. If you are interested in discovering ancient cultures and offbeat vacation spots then Armenia places to visit is a good choice for you.

People choose Armenia tourism for discovering places of historical and cultural value, analyzing the Armenian ancient culture, enjoying their rest at the heart of the rich nature, as well as meeting beautiful Armenian women

The Armenian breathtaking beauty (no matter related to people or places) will attract even the most capricious travelers. If you are planning to visit this country, here are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Armenia during your upcoming vacation. We assure that you won’t be disappointed or get bored:

1. Yerevan

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia. This is the largest city that offers the most. Many industries are centralized in Yerevan. All the essential educational institutions are located here. It is the home of multiple museums, galleries, cultural centers, monuments, statues of highly-known people. There are many cafes and restaurants where you may taste one of the most delicious and unique cuisines in the world. The green areas are also much in Yerevan. Here you may find many parks, where you may enjoy your rest walking or sitting on one of the various benches around. All these reasons make Yerevan one of the top Armenia tourist places that you shouldn’t miss at all.

2. Tatev Monastery

Have you ever heard about the Armenian religion? If you do, then you should know that Armenia is the first Christian country. This is the reason that the country is full of churches, chapels, monastery complexes, etc. Tatev monastery is one of the ancient religious centers located in this small land. This is a 9th-century building located on a huge basalt plateau that provides a picturesque view. Once you arrive Tatev, do not forget to take the longest ropeway in the world called Tatev Wings.  

3. Dilijan National Park

It is one of the four national parks of Armenia. This unique place occupies an area of 240 km². The park is located in the Tavush province. This vast area is home to more than 977 species of plants, 150 species of birds, 40 species of mammals and over 800 species of beetles. Its dense forests and mountain slopes are a real paradise for those who adore the natural beauty. By the way, the park offers walking and hiking tours to everyone. It is one of the best places to visit in Armenia if you are a real nature lover.

4. Khosrov Forest State Reserve

Khosrov Forest State Reserve is a nature reserve that is located in Ararat. It is the largest natural reserve in our country (about 23213.5 hectares). This place is a real treasure for us. Moreover, it is one of the most loved visiting places in Armenia who want to get acquainted with the reserve’s rich fauna and flora. You can take beautiful photos there while exploring the hidden beauty of this place.

5. Garni – Geghard

Garni is the only preserved pre-Christian building in Armenia. This is a temple – a masterpiece of the Hellenistic architecture located in a village of the same name – Garni. Once you are in Garni, keep in mind to taste the water. People in Garni say that their water is the most delicious and fresh in Armenia.

Not far from the temple of Garni, the Geghard monastery is located. This is a medieval monastery that is partially curved in the huge mountains. There is a wall in the territory called “the wall of the wish”. The wall is stony with many dimples that may keep small stones. You just need to think about a wish and throw a small stone to the wall. If it stays on one of the dimples on the wall then your wish will come true.

The Garni – Geghard destination is one of the most common among tourists. Even if you take a taxi and the driver knows you are tourists, he will surely, suggest you visiting Garni and Geghard. 

6. Dendropark

Dendropark is one of the most remarkable spots of Armenian nature. It is a natural forest and a botanical garden located in the Lori Province. It was founded in 1931 by the Polish engineer-forester Edmund Leonowicz. Dendropark is home to about 500 species of plants. Most of them were brought from Georgia, Russia, Germany, France, Portugal, the USA, etc. It is a perfect place for public excursions and for those who want to completely relax and take a refreshing break from the city’s chaos. By the way, the entrance is free. No wonder, it is recognized as a most sought after and top places to visit in Armenia all around the year.

7. Shake Waterfall

Shake is the highest and the most beautiful waterfall which is a vital part of Armenia tourist attractions. It is located in the Syunik Province, in the Vorotan gorge. The height of the waterfall reaches up to 18 meters. This spectacular and stunning waterfall is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists. Don’t miss this place, if you want to be in the bosom of Armenian nature. For adventure lovers, it is one of the highly recommended and best places to visit in Armenia where they can go any extreme.

8. Tsaghkadzor

Tsaghkadzor is a small spa town that is known for being a rest zone. Here you may find various hotels, spa centers and enjoy your rest near nature. This town is a great choice both in hot and cold weather depending on your preferences. In summer you may escape from the sweltering hot and city life, while in winter this is a great place for winter sports, including skiing.

One of the places the majority of tourists visit in Tsaghkadzor is the Kecharis monastery complex. In this town, you may also take a ropeway or experience a ziplining, if you are a lover of extreme sports. In short, Tsaghkadzor offers you all the exposure to enjoy top things to do in Armenia during your upcoming tour.

9. Lake Parz

This is a small lake located in the Dilijan National Park. The view of the lake is stunning in all seasons. It is one of the perfect Armenia tourist places to spend time in peace and silence. The lake has much to offer to its visitors. You can have a great time fishing, boating, camping, etc. You can also bring your food and organize a picnic with your whole family and friends. 

10. Zorats Karer

They say that Zorats Karer was once an astrological observatory – the oldest in the world according to an investigation implemented by Paris Herouin and his team from 1994 up to 2001. This ancient place consists of several parts that totally include 223 stones of different sizes. The monument is also known by the name “Carahunge” and it is considered to be the Armenian Stonehenge.  

11. Lastiver

Lastiver is located in the Tavush province. It is a real paradise on earth and a highly recommended place for those who want to be close to nature as much as possible. The landscape of this area is stunning thereby making it one of the tranquil tourist attractions in Armenia. There is a small river, a lot of trees and also a waterfall. There you can see many mysterious caves. By the way, you can spend the night there. Lastiver offers small huts and houses on the trees where you can sleep in the sleeping bag. The entrance fee is 1000 AMD. 

12. Lake Sevan

This blue, sparkling lake is the largest lake in Armenia and is considered as the jewel of our country. Sevan is a must destination for tourists. This place is highly crowded, especially in summer. As you know, we have no direct access to the sea; that’s why this is our only place to swim and sunbathe. There are public beaches, open pavilions, hotels, and resorts near the lake. There is also a monastery on the peninsula, which is called Sevanavank. It is a  famous cultural monument and one of the highly recommended and top places to visit in Armenia. 

13. Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Etchmiadzin is the holy cathedral of the Armenian apostolic church. They say that this is the oldest Christian church in the world. Its construction began in 301 when Armenians adopted Christianity as the state religion. The church is located in the city of Etchmiadzin which is considered to be the religious capital of Armenia. There are many other churches in this city and if you like visiting churches, you will like this city. Besides the mother cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin here you may find St. Gayane, St. Shoghakat, St. Hripsime, and many more.

14. Old Khndzoresk

It is an ancient village in the Syunik Province. This historic village is full of human-made caves which were inhabited until the 1950s. Nowadays,  Old Khndzoresk is mostly visited by curious tourists who want to explore the cave system. In 2012, there was created a suspension bridge that connects Old and  New Khndzoresk (modern village). This 160-meters long bridge is one of the most exciting attractions in Syunik province. They say that the bridge can hold 700 people at the same time. This lovely place has beautiful scenery. Don’t forget to take pics and capture the fantastic view of it.

15. Jermuk Waterfall

Jermuk waterfall is one of the brightest Armenia holiday vacation destinations that you should add in your upcoming Armenia trip. It is a must-see attraction while visiting Jermuk. Its height reaches up to 68 meters. The waterfall is surrounded by forested mountains which make the panorama spectacular. The best time of the year to visit there is late spring.

What’s next waiting for you?

Do you see it? Armenia is an interesting country that deserves to be your next travel destination. Now you got an entire list of the best places to visit in Armenia, make sure you include it in your itinerary so that you won’t miss a memorable trip. If you have plans to visit some more countries near Armenia then check out our other travel guides to get all the details.

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