Best Places to Visit in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the highly overlooked travel destinations in Arab. You will come to know the real value of this country only when you come here and explore its diverse travel gems.  If you are traveling to Kuwait from nearby countries then you may have heard about locations to see here. But if you haven’t visited any of the Arabian countries before then you definitely need to refer Kuwait travel guide. Here we have listed all tourist attractions of Kuwait that will help you to make your tour memorable:

  • Kuwait Tower:

There are several reasons why you will find this destination at the top of every Kuwait travel guide. It is a symbol of the political and economic development of Kuwait which was built after the independence of the country. The tower is a perfect blend of modern architecture and classic Islamic design thereby making a real masterpiece in today’s time. The main tower features several restaurants and cafes while other towers possess all the necessary equipment required to supply the main tower.

  • AL Kout Beach:

The weather in Arab countries is extremely humid and if you are traveling to Kuwait from a foreign country then you will definitely feel it. Don’t worry, as the beaches of Kuwait will give you big relief from the scorching heat of country. Here you can enjoy several water sports activities or simply relax at the beachside to enjoy sunbathing. In the vicinity, you will spot several restaurants where you can try some delicious cuisine made from local ingredients.

  • National Museum:

If you want to dig into the history of Kuwait then a visit to National Museum is recommended by every Kuwait travel guide. In the museum, you can spot three different sections including Planetarium, Heritage and Archeology. Each of the sections provides you different offerings and extraordinary masterpieces which are hard to find anywhere else. The grand compilation from Failika Island is considered as a key highlight here which is worth exploring. Your tour to Kuwait will be incomplete without visiting the National Museum and digging into its all offerings.

  • House of Mirrors:

Whether you are traveling to Kuwait from abroad or you are a local traveler, you will love visiting this destination again and again. It is private property and you need to take an advance appointment in order to visit this mesmerizing destination. The outside part of this property features several mirrors and amazing artwork which is attached to exterior walls. When you get inside, you will get stunned by its dazzling decoration and scintillating interior.

  • The Liberation Tower:

The tower signifies the liberation of Kuwait and it perfectly demonstrates Kuwait’s resurgence. It is recognized as a second tallest tower in country and 5th tallest tower in the world which is used for telecommunication purposes. The entire structure of tower is made from ceramic tiles which enhance its beauty to a significant extent. The Liberation Tower features an observatory platform from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city. The revolving restaurant is also considered as a key highlight here that offers tourists an opportunity to try some unique cuisine.

Now you get to know all the important tourist attractions in this Kuwait travel guide, you can plan a trip to Kuwait during your upcoming vacation. If you are traveling to Kuwait for business or education purpose then you can consider visiting few main locations in the vicinity. The more time you spend in this country, the chances that you will fall in love with its beauty. If you are planning to visit few more Arabian countries then check out our other travel guides to get detailed information.

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