Best Places to Visit in Lima

You may have heard very less about a miraculous placed called Lima in Peru but the city certainly offers a lot to tourists of different interests. Whether you are traveling to Lima from abroad or you are a native traveler, the city definitely offers plenty of potential to discover unique things. If you are searching for the best places to visit in this incredible city in Peru then check out our Lima travel guide to make your tour perfect:

  • Plaza Mayor:

It is also recognized as a Plaza de Armas and listed in one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. This is the key reason why tourists from different parts of the world traveling to Lima every year to view its amazing sightseeing. This unique sightseeing location in Lima is surrounded by several other key attractions including Palacio del Gobierno, Archbishop’s Palace, La Merced┬áchurch and much more. Every Lima travel guide advice tourists to start their city itinerary from Plaza Mayor to make their tour memorable.

  • Cathedral:

It is another historical landmark in the city which is included in every Lima city travel guide. The cathedral has witnessed renovation several times till today and adored with various extraordinary carvings. At the back of the cathedral, you can spot a tiny museum of art which is also considered as a highly recommended sightseeing location you will come across in Lima, Peru.

  • Museo Larco:

If you are a true history lover then you will definitely prefer to start your Lima tour from Museo Larco. The museum features grand collection of ceramic displays that date back to old centuries. It boasts about extensive collection garments, jewelry, nose ornaments, earrings, crowns and much more. The museum features diverse kinds of masterpieces that make every visitor stunned with its offerings.

  • Santo Domingo:

The monastery and church of Santo Domingo are rated as oldest and most historic destination in the city. Here you will come across relics of Saint Martin de Porres, San Juan Masias and Saint Rose of Lima. While on the go, you will also come across several mosaic paintings that date back to old centuries. After a long walk, if you are looking for a place to relax then a small garden inside cloister is available there for your rescue.

  •  Huaca Pucllana:

It is one of the extraordinary destinations in the city that you will find out in every Lima travel guide. The temple is crafted in an attractive shape of a pyramid which is considered as a center of attraction here. The structure of the pyramid is divided into seven different platforms and it is worth capturing few snaps of this masterpiece in your camera. Local tour guides are available in the vicinity, who will give you all the information you want to get about this destination.

  • Miraflores:

If you are searching for a destination in Lima that will offer you exposure to view historical sites and also try out adventurous activities then come to Miraflores. In the vicinity, you can spot several local stores and shops selling unique collection of textiles and other historical masterpieces. If you are foodie then you will love trying out both national as well as international cuisine at the nearby restaurants. It is an ideal destination to add an element of zeal to your tour to Lima.

The list of destinations mentioned in above Lima travel guide are few of the key highlights in the city. If you are planning an extended holiday to city then you can definitely consider adding few more destinations in your itinerary. You can cover Convento de San Francisco, National Museum, Larco Museum, Las Nazarenas and much more. If you are planning to visit few more cities in South America then check out our other travel guides.

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