Best Places to Visit in Mauritius

Mauritius is a place equal to paradise, courtesy to its hidden gems that offer an amazing opportunity to experience diverse sides of nature under single roof. It is an ideal spot for family holiday as it features everything from monuments, shopping malls, museums, parks, forts to island. If you want to make your tour to Mauritius extremely memorable then here is a list of places that you must consider visiting in this incredible island:

Best Places to Visit in Mauritius

  • La Vanille Crocodile Park: Though crocodile is considered as a star of the show here, you will also come across several other creatures including insects, monkeys, turtles and bats. It is truly an awe-inspiring experience to stroll through the breathtaking flora and fauna here. The park also features a highly reputed restaurant that serves a unique dish named crocodile curry.
  • Pereybere: It is one of the highly famous destinations among adventure lovers and no wonder why it is so crowded with young travelers. Here you can participate in several water sports activities including snorkeling and sea diving. The water is quite deep here when compared with other beaches at Mauritius that tempt everyone to try swimming in its crystal clear waters.
  • Tamarind Waterfalls: There are various reasons that separate this place from the rest of the sightseeing locations in Mauritius. Here you can spot seven cataracts which are situated exactly above Tamarin River. This is also reason why this place is referred as Seven Cascades. While been here, you can get extremely close to the nature and         enjoy ultimate peace of mind.
  • Grand Bassin: It is nothing but an extinct volcano which is located above sea level of 1800 feet. Here you can also spot temple of Lord Shiva and rated as a sacred place in Mauritius where Hindu pilgrims gather in huge number. Grand Bassin also falls under a category of one of the most soothing places where people come to relax their mind and body.
  • Blue Bay Marine Park: If doing snorkeling is your dream then you will get an ideal setting to enjoy it at Blue Bay Marine Park. When you are underwater, you will feel every bit of your heart which is an extremely thrilling experience to try at least once in a lifetime. This park also features several other unique species such as even algae, seagrasses and mangroves.
  • Blue Penny Museum: If you love getting into the typical history of strange places in world then you will love visiting Blue Penny Museum. It features several unique things ranging from world famous stamps, paintings to historical artifacts. When you visit this grand museum, you will get a glimpse of how this spectacular island of Mauritius evolved over the years.

On the virtue of magnificent beauty of Mauritius, the number of tourists giving visit to this island is increasing day by day. In very less time it has secured a place in the list of most sought after travel destinations in the world.

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